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Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is mega-city and the capital of Sao Paulo state. The city proper is the largest in the Western and Southern Hemispheres, and one of the largest in the world. Depending on how its metropolitan area, it is either the fifth or second largest metropolitan area in the world. Because of its large size, the city is divided into 31 boroughs, each with its own mayor.

The city is located on a plateau near the Serra do Mar, with no large rivers or large natural lake. Just 70 km from the Atlantic Ocean, it's located in the subtropics with a humid climate.

São? Paulo is one of the largest and most important finacial centers in Latin America, though it contains a large manufacturing sector.

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Mirante do Vale51built1960(5)
Edificio Italia46built1965(7)
Edifício Altino Arantes36built1947(2)
Florida Penthouses A40built2008
Parque Cidade Jardim41built2010
CENU Torre Norte34built1999(4)
Josephine Baker43built2014(1)
EZ Towers - Tower B32built2014
EZ Towers - Tower A32built2014
Birmann 2126built1996(2)
Eco Berrini35built2011(1)
Itaú Fidelité Marginal Pinheiros30built2002(1)
Florida Penthouses B36built2008
TEK Nações Unidas33built2013(2)
Edifício do Banco do Brasil24built1955(1)
Eldorado Business Tower34built2007(3)
Edificio Copan40built1966(2)
Marginal Pinheiros Torre A38built2016
WTorre Morumbi34built2015(1)
Marginal Pinheiros Torre B31built2016
Plaza Centenário34built1995(2)
Berrini 134built2014
São Paulo Corporate Tower B33built2015(1)
São Paulo Corporate Tower A33built2015(1)
Capital Building31built2011
Torre São Paulo I35built2009(2)
Continental Tower30built2012
Moreira Salles37built1959(4)
Ipiranga 16536built1968(3)
Sky Corporate Tower30built2012
Grande Sao Paulo36built1971(2)
Mercantil Finasa35built1969(2)
Instituto do Câncer de São Paulo Octavio...25built2007
World Trade Center26built1994(2)
Casa Grande Bloco D37built(1)
Casa Grande Bloco C37built(1)
Casa Grande Bloco B37built2003(1)
Casa Grande Bloco A37built2003(1)
Cipriani Hotel & Residences23built2014
L'Essence Jardins35built2005(1)
RochaVerá Plaza Torre C32built2011
CENU Torre Leste32built2001(1)
Crystal Tower33built1999(1)
CENU Torre Oeste30built1998(2)
Infinity Tower21built2012
Villa Europa27built2008
Park Tower26built2012
Particolare Torre B36built2010
Particolare Torre A36built2010
Edifício Andraus31built1962
Open House Loft Panamby28built2003
Leeds Hall34built2006
Edificio Porto Alegre31built1995
Instituto Tomie Ohtake & Torre Faria Lima32built2004
Conde de Prates31built1955(2)
The Blue Loft30built2004(1)
The View34built2007
Jardim Europa30built2012
Ville Burle Marx33built2007
Predio Martinelli30built1934(1)
Edifício CBI Esplanada30built1948(1)
Top Towers A26built2006
Renaissance São Paulo Hotel26built1994(1)
Contemporary Tower26built2000(1)
Blue Tree Towers Paulista26built2000(2)
Edificio Mansao Real32built1986
Edificio Shigekiyo31built1989
Edificio Novo Hamburgo31built1992
Edificio Camagüey29built1995
Edificio Paiol28built1988
Brascan Century Staybridge Suites33built2002
Reserva Verde30built2011
International Plaza II28built2009
Edificio Inácio Monteiro31built1983
Edificio Generali31built1950
Edificio Irineu Máier30built1973
Edificio Guacuri30built1983
Edificio Belenzinho30built1987
Edificio Avestruz29built1987
Conjunto Gonzaga 529built1985
Conjunto Gonzaga 429built1985
Conjunto Gonzaga 329built1985
Conjunto Gonzaga 229built1985
Conjunto Gonzaga 129built1985
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