It is the capital city and the largest city in Korea.
It was the 14th century Joseon Dynasty that the city became the capital of the Korean Peninsula in earnest.

The city's name was Hanyang in the past.
In the early 20th century, it was colonized by the Japanese Empire and changed its name to Gyeongseong.
After Korea's liberation from Japanese colonial rule, the name of the city was changed to 'Seoul' and was occupied by the communist forces twice during the Korean War.

After the war, Seoul grew into a huge metropolitan city thanks to the rapid economic development called the 'Miracle on the Han River.'

The historical center of Seoul is Jongno, a historic place since the Joseon Dynasty.
There is Jongno Building, the trademark of Jongno.
Jongno has the oldest skyscrapers in Seoul.

Gangnam is the main street with the largest number of office buildings in Seoul. Many offices are concentrated here.
Typical buildings include the Trade Tower and Samsung Town.

Yeouido was developed as a financial complex. Many financial-related buildings are occupied, and the tallest building in Seoul is gathered. Representatively, there are Parc.1 building, Seoul IFC complex, 63 building, and FKI building.

Jamsil has Lotte World Tower. Also, there is Lotte World, an amusement park loved by Seoulites.

Besides, there are many downtown areas such as Yeongdeungpo, Sindorim, Yongsan, Hongdae, Cheongnyangni, etc.
Seoul has more than 10 metropolitan cities, and it only takes about an hour to get to Incheon, the third largest city in Korea.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has set regulations to regulate the growing number of high-rise apartments.

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Hyundai Global Business Center105proposed(4)
Lotte World Tower123built2017(5)
Parc1 Tower 169built2020(3)
New Trade Tower70proposed
Three IFC55built2012(3)
Tower Palace 3 Tower G69built2004(3)
Mokdong Hyundai Hyperion 169built2003(3)
Parc1 Tower 253built2020(2)
Angsana Residence Yeouido Seoul57under construction
63 Building60built1985(8)
Seocho Lotte Town47proposed(1)
FKI Tower50built2013(2)
Tower Palace 1 Tower B66built2002(4)
Yeouido Residential Project67proposed(1)
Trade Tower55built1988(4)
Lotte Castle SKY-L65 D65under construction
Lotte Castle SKY-L65 B65under construction
Lotte Castle SKY-L65 A64under construction
Korea Teachers Pension Seoul Hall42under construction
Lotte Castle SKY-L65 C63under construction
Tower Palace 1 Tower C59built2002(4)
Tower Palace 1 Tower A59built2002(4)
Gangnam Finance Center45built2000(6)
Samsung Electronics Seocho Office44built2008(3)
Raemian Caelitus56built2015(2)
Acro Seoul Forest B49built2020(2)
Acro Seoul Forest A49built2020(2)
Hyundai IPARK 10146built2004(3)
Ttukseom Buyoung Hotel49on hold
Hyundai IPARK 10246built2004(3)
The Sharp Star City A58built2007(1)
The Classic 500 Tower A50built2008(2)
Conrad Seoul38built2012(4)
Hyundai Convention Hotel40proposed
Hanyang Sujain Gratte-ciel 10159under construction(1)
Tower Palace 2 Tower F55built2004(2)
Tower Palace 2 Tower E55built2004(2)
D-Cube City Tower42built2011(2)
Techno Mart 2139built1998(2)
Mokdong Trapalace Western A49built2008(2)
D-Cube City B51built2011(1)
D-Cube City A51built2011(1)
Sangbong Premier's Amco Tower C48built2013(1)
Lotte Castle SKY-L65 Landmark Tower42under construction
One IFC32built2011(2)
Parnas Tower38built2016(2)
Mokdong Trapalace Eastern A48built2008(2)
Hanyang Sujain Gratte-ciel 10456under construction(1)
Sindorim Techno Mart40built2008(3)
Hyundai IPARK 10339built2004(3)
Hanyang Sujain Gratte-ciel 10255under construction(1)
The Classic 500 Tower B40built2008(2)
ASEM Tower41built2002(3)
Two IFC29built2012(2)
Boramae Samsung Chereville49built2002(3)
GS Tower38built1998(3)
The Sharp Star City C50built2007(1)
Galleria Foret 10245built2011(2)
Galleria Foret 10145built2011(2)
Academy Sweet51built2004(1)
Yeouido Brighten 10349under construction
Yeouido Brighten 10249under construction
Yeouido Brighten 10149under construction
Hyundai 41 Tower40built2001(1)
Tower Palace 1 Tower D42built2002(2)
Mecenatpolis Office Tower32built2012(2)
Hanyang Sujain Gratte-ciel 10350under construction(1)
Daelim Acrovill B46built1999(2)
Daelim Acrovill A46built1999(2)
Mokdong Trapalace Western B42built2008(1)
Hyundai Superville A46built2003(1)
SK Building38built2000(2)
Seed Cube Changdong49under construction
Yeouido Brighten Office Building32under construction
Mokdong Trapalace Eastern B41built2008(1)
Sangbong Premier's Amco Tower B43built2013(2)
Sangbong Premier's Amco Tower A43built2013(2)
Center Field37built2020(1)
D Tower35built2020(1)
Trimage 10147built2017(3)
Yeouido Post Tower33built2020(1)
Doosan Tower34built1999(3)
Yeongdeungpo SK Leaders View40built2007(1)
Sangbong Duo Turris B41built2016(1)
Sangbong Duo Turris A41built2016(1)
The Sharp Star City D45built2007(1)
Trimage 10246built2017(3)
The Asset34built2007(2)
Samsung Life Insurance Tower34built2007(2)
POSCO Center31built1995(2)
Kumho Richensia40built2004(1)
DB Finance Center35built2001(3)
Trimage 10447built2017(3)
Brownstone Seoul 10139built2005(1)
Lotte Main Department Store Hotel37built1981(2)
Lotte Castle East Pole 10349under construction
Lotte Castle East Pole 10249under construction
Lotte Castle East Pole 10149under construction
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