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Metropolitian Area Cities
Hanam is in the metropolitian area of Seoul.
• Ansan
• Anseong
• Anyang
• Bucheon
• Cheonan
• Gimpo
• Goyang
• Gunpo
• Guri
• Gwacheon
• Gwangmyeong
• Hwaseong
• Icheon
• Incheon
• Namyangju
• Paju
• Seongnam
• Seoul
• Siheung
• Suwon
• Uijeongbu
• Uiwang
• Yangpyeong
• Yongin


Is the metropolitan area of Seoul. Located in the east

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Misa Station Hyosung Harrington Tower 10229built2018(1)
Misa Station Hyosung Harrington Tower 10129built2018(1)
Hillstate Misa Station Grand Facade 120830built2020(1)
Hillstate Misa Station 11-1BL 110230built2020(1)
e-Pyeonhansesang City Misa B28built2019(1)
e-Pyeonhansesang City Misa A28built2019(1)
Wirye Gwell Prugio 10633built2018(1)
Hillstate Misa Station Grand Facade 120729built2020(1)
Hillstate Misa Station Grand Facade 120629built2020(1)
Hillstate Misa Station Grand Facade 120529built2020(1)
Hillstate Misa Station Grand Facade 120429built2020(1)
Hillstate Misa Station Grand Facade 120329built2020(1)
Hillstate Misa Station Grand Facade 120229built2020(1)
Hillstate Misa Station Grand Facade 120129built2020(1)
Wirye Gwell Prugio 10132built2018(1)
Misa Station Paragon 10830built2021
Misa Station Paragon 10730built2021
Misa Station Paragon 10630built2021
Misa Station Paragon 10530built2021
Misa Station Paragon 10430built2021
Misa Station Paragon 10330built2021
Misa Station Paragon 10230built2021
Misa Station Paragon 10130built2021
Misa Lotte Castle Star29built2019
Hillstate Misa Station 11-1BL 110429built2020(1)
Hillstate Misa Station 11-1BL 110329built2020(1)
Hillstate Misa Station 11-1BL 110129built2020(1)
Gamil Prugio Marquevert 10128built2023
Wirye Gwell Prugio 10529built2018(1)
Wirye Gwell Prugio 10429built2018(1)
Wirye Gwell Prugio 10329built2018(1)
Wirye Gwell Prugio 10229built2018(1)
Wirye Pungkyeongchae Urbanity 10325built2023
Wirye Pungkyeongchae Urbanity 10225built2023
Wirye Pungkyeongchae Urbanity 10125built2023
Misa Riverside Hoban Summit 10830built2019
Misa Riverside Hoban Summit 10730built2019
Misa Riverside Hoban Summit 10630built2019
Misa Riverside Hoban Summit 10530built2019
Misa Riverside Hoban Summit 10430built2019
Misa Riverside Hoban Summit 10330built2019
Misa Prugio City A20built2018(1)
Gamil Prugio Marquevert 10529built2023
Gamil Prugio Marquevert 10229built2023
Hillstate Eco Misa20built2018(1)
Misa Riverside City C3 30229built2018
Misa Riverside City C3 30129built2018
Gamil Prugio Marquevert 10428built2023
Gamil Prugio Marquevert 10328built2023
Misa Riverside Hoban Summit 10229built2019
Misa Riverside Hoban Summit 10129built2019
Misa Prugio City B18built2018(1)
Hillstate Four Well City 60630built2020
Hillstate Four Well City 60530built2020
Hillstate Four Well City 60430built2020
Misa Station Maium Prugio City 10223built2020
Misa Station Maium Prugio City 10123built2020
Misa Riverside City C3 30429built2018
Hanam Techno Valley U1 Center15built2019
Hillstate Four Well City 60329built2020
Hillstate Four Well City 60229built2020
Hillstate Four Well City 60129built2020
Misa Riverside City C3 30328built2018
Ilong Misa Tower16built2021
Misa Star Park Officetel17built2018
Queen's Park Misa 117built2019
The Opera 217built2020
Wirye Hyosung Harrington Tower20built2016
Insta City21built2019
Misa Station Herium Avenue20built2020
Hanam IDC10under construction
Seongsan Tower15built2018
Misa L Cube15built2019
Misa Station Harrington Tower Lake Park19built2019
Queen's Park Misa 215built2019
Woosung Leboa Park18built2018
Woosung Misa Tower14built2017
Smart Valley Knowledge Industry Center10built2019
Misa Testi Tower10built2019
Starfield City Wirye10built2018
ITEKO Hanam Knowledge Industry Center10built2011