Is the metropolitan area of Seoul
It is sandwiched between Incheon and Seoul.

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Jungdong Richensia B66built2012(3)
Jungdong Richensia A66built2012(3)
Jungdong Central Park Prugio 10449built2019(1)
Jungdong Central Park Prugio 10349built2019(1)
Hillstate Jungdong 10647built2022(1)
Hillstate Jungdong 10547built2022(1)
Hillstate Jungdong 10447built2022(1)
Hillstate Jungdong 10347built2022(1)
Hillstate Jungdong 10247built2022(1)
Hillstate Jungdong 10147built2022(1)
Jungdong Central Park Prugio 10649built2019(1)
Jungdong Central Park Prugio 10549built2019(1)
Jungdong Central Park Prugio 10249built2019(1)
Jungdong Central Park Prugio 10149built2019(1)
Sinjungdong Station Landmark Prugio City49built2022(1)
Sangdong Sky Veiw Xi 10245built2018(1)
Sangdong Sky Veiw Xi 10145built2018(1)
Hillstate Sosa Station 10149under construction
Hillstate Sosa Station 10244under construction
Hanshin the Hue Metro 10241built2020(1)
Hanshin the Hue Metro 10141built2020(1)
Byzantium Hansol37built2007(1)
Hillstate Sosa Station 10437under construction
Iaan The Classic33built2007(1)
Kolon Ideapolis33built2007(1)
Sambo Techno Tower27built2018(1)
Doosan We've The State 70235built2007
Doosan We've The State 70135built2007
Doosan We've The State 50235built2007
Doosan We've The State 50135built2007
Doosan We've The State 10335built2007
Doosan We've The State 10235built2007
Doosan We've The State 10135built2007
Hillstate Sosa Station 10335under construction
Doosan We've The State 90133built2007
Sosa Station Halla Vivaldi Prestige 10236under construction
Sosa Station Halla Vivaldi Prestige 10136under construction
Doosan We've The State 30233built2007
Doosan We've The State 30133built2007
Sinjungdong Station Helieum Metro Tower25built2018(1)
Doosan We've The State 90229built2007
Jungdong Harrington Place 10229built2019
Jungdong Harrington Place 10128built2019
Haitai Shopping18built1996
Bucheon Techno Valley U1 Center20built2021
KCC Empire Tower26built2006
Bucheon Okgil Xi 10529built2018
Bucheon Okgil Xi 10429built2018
Bucheon Okgil Xi 10329built2018
Bucheon Okgil Xi 10229built2018
Bucheon Okgil Xi 10129built2018
e-Pyunhansang Onsu Station 10629built2020
e-Pyunhansang Onsu Station 10529built2020
e-Pyunhansang Onsu Station 10429built2020
e-Pyunhansang Onsu Station 10329built2020
e-Pyunhansang Onsu Station 10229built2020
Povista Officetel20built2004(1)
e-Pyunhansang Onsu Station 10128built2020
Jungdong Lishville & Class20built2006
Bucheon Okgil Xi Officetel25built2018
Jungdong Harrington Place 10324built2019
Sangdong Withusvill20built2008
Geumgwang Venesta20built2009
Centum City21built2020
Yeokgok Dujin Apartment22built1998
e-Pyunhansang Onsu Station 10825built2020
Meritz Fire Insurance Building14built2001(1)
J Class Jungdong19built2019
Primus Bucheon Tower15built2004
Sangdong Dongyang Paragon20built2007
Hi Ssenseville15built2003
Daewoo Myville Central Park15built2004
Daemyung Ensville 115built2003
Daemyung World Tower15built1997(1)
Good Morning Officetel15built2004
Phileo Twin Park15built2004
Star Palace 220built2004
Chunui Techno Park 20215built2006
Chunui Techno Park 20115built2006
Jungdong Daewoo Myville 215built2004
Jungdong Estima Officetel15built2004
Samgokbondong Dongdo Centrium18built2016
e-Pyunhansang Onsu Station 10721built2020
Hyundai Department Store Jungdong10built2003
Sangdong Acrotel15built2004
Chunui Techno Park 313built2016
Bucheon Techno Park 40215built2004
Bucheon Techno Park 40115built2004
Moonyoung Queen's Park10built2020
Lotte Department Store Jungdong11built1996
Woosung Techno Park 110built2020
Bucheon Terminal9built2007
Phil Green Tower11built2002