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Metropolitian Area Cities
Anyang is in the metropolitian area of Seoul.
• Cheonan
• Goyang
• Gunpo
• Gwangmyeong
• Hwaseong
• Incheon
• Seongnam
• Seoul
• Suwon


Is the metropolitan area of Seoul and is in the south.

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Hillstate Beomgye Station Mobius43built2021(1)
Pyeongchon Prugio Central Park 10148under construction
Pyeongchon Acro Towr B42built2007(2)
Pyeongchon Acro Towr A42built2007(2)
Pyeongchon O'BIZ Tower35built2014(1)
Pyeongchon Prugio Central Park 10342under construction
Pyeongchon Prugio Central Park 10242under construction
G Square28built2012(1)
Hillstate Eco Pyeongchon 10434built2019(1)
Anyang IS BIZ Tower Central28built2022
Hillstate Eco Pyeongchon 10334built2019(1)
Pyeongchon Raemian Prugio 10637built2022
Pyeongchon Raemian Prugio 11037built2022
Pyeongchon Raemian Prugio 10937built2022
Pyeongchon Raemian Prugio 10837built2022
Pyeongchon Doosan We've Riverview 10737built2022
Pyeongchon Raemian Prugio 10436built2022
Hillstate Eco Pyeongchon 10229built2019(1)
Hillstate Eco Pyeongchon 10129built2019(1)
Kumgang Penterium IT Tower22built2011(1)
Gwangsin Progress River View 20334built2021
Pyeongchon Doosan We've Riverview 10634built2022
Pyeongchon Raemian Prugio 10734built2022
Pyeongchon Xi Ella28built2019(1)
Pyeongchon Raemian Prugio 10533built2022
Pyeongchon Raemian Prugio 10233built2022
Ace Hi-Tech City Beomgye21built2021(1)
Anyang Financial Center A.F.C20built2018(1)
Gwangsin Progress River View 20232built2021
Pyeongchon The Sharp Central City 11032built2016
Pyeongchon The Sharp Central City 10732built2016
Raemian Anyang Megatria 11232built2016
Raemian Anyang Megatria 11132built2016
Raemian Anyang Megatria 11032built2016
Raemian Anyang Megatria 10932built2016
Raemian Anyang Megatria 10832built2016
Raemian Anyang Megatria 10732built2016
Raemian Anyang Megatria 10432built2016
Raemian Anyang Megatria 10630built2016
Raemian Anyang Megatria 10530built2016
Gwangsin Progress River View 20129built2021
Pyeongchon Smart Bay21built2014(1)
Hillstate Bisan Parkview 10529built2022
Hillstate Bisan Parkview 10429built2022
Myeonghak Station Yubora The Smart 10326built2020
Myeonghak Station Yubora The Smart 10226built2020
Myeonghak Station Yubora The Smart 10126built2020
LS Tower18built2008(1)
Pyeongchon The Sharp Central City 10929built2016
Pyeongchon The Sharp Central City 10829built2016
Pyeongchon The Sharp Central City 10629built2016
Pyeongchon The Sharp Central City 10529built2016
Pyeongchon The Sharp Central City 10429built2016
Pyeongchon The Sharp Central City 10329built2016
Pyeongchon The Sharp Central City 10229built2016
Pyeongchon The Sharp Central City 10129built2016
Daeryung Techno Town 1521built2010(1)
Pyeongchon Doosan We've Riverview 10528built2022
Anyang Central Hessen 10225built2020
Anyang Central Hessen 10125built2020
Daewoo Superium 10326built2008
Daewoo Superium 10226built2008
Daewoo Superium 10126built2008
Anyang Central Hessen 20224built2021
Anyang Central Hessen 20124built2021
Pyeongchon Station High Field Knowledge In...17built2018(1)
Pyeongchon Doosan We've Riverview 10327built2022
Anyang Central Hessen 10324built2020
Ace High-Tech City Pyeongchon15built2021
Sin-an Metrokan20built2005(1)
Sebang Global City20built2005
Hillstate Bisan Parkview 10125built2022
Daegwang Logebien 10324built2017
Daegwang Logebien 10224built2017
Daegwang Logebien 10124built2017
Pyeongchon Doosan We've Riverview 10225built2022
Ace Hi-Tech City Beomgye Dormitory17built2021(1)
Project 500 Tower16built2004
Raemian Anyang Megatria 10125built2016
Hillstate Bisan Parkview 10624built2022
Pyeongchon Doosan We've Riverview 10424built2022
Pyeongchon Acro Place20built2004(1)
Raemian Anyang Megatria 11324built2016
Raemian Anyang Megatria 10324built2016
Pyeongchon Station IS BIZ Tower15built2018
Pyeongchon Doosan We've Riverview 10824built2022
Gyeonggi Venture Yeonsung University Center14built2005(1)
Pyeongchon I'Park21built2003
Daelim Acroriver23built2007
Anyang Construction Tower17built2005
Hansol Central Park 318built2004
Hansol Central Park 218built2004
Anyang Trade Center17built2004(1)
BYC Anyang Vista Officetel20built2016
i First Tower14built2008
Vestium Tower19built2005
Geumgang Officetel18built2000
Hyosung Intelian17built2005
Hanwha Life Insurance Pyeongchon Building15built2005
Charmant 2 Officetel17built2008
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