A Place for Skyscrapers

SkyscraperPage is a website on tall buildings and major structures. Founded in 1997 by Dylan Leblanc, SkyscraperPage became the world's largest database on skyscraper diagrams. Hundreds of illustrators have contributed drawings, and millions of people have been using the SkyscraperPage discussion forum since its inception.

More than 60,000 drawings have been created aiming to create a uniform representation of individual buildings of scale. Every diagram is connected to a building entry in the database. The SkyscraperPage database compromises of more than 100,000 buildings up to now. Users can use query tools in order to list the world's tallest skyscrapers and buildings for different criteria, such as:

- Worlds tallest skyscrapers
- 1930s New York City skyscrapers
- South American skyscrapers

SkyscraperPage does not only provide predefined result sets. Users can create their own search criteria by using the diagram search tool.

The diagrams of SkyscraperPage have been widely used by international media and large organizations. Among them are brands like National Geographic, CBRE and IKEA. As well, the diagrams have been printed on posters carried buy illustrious retailers such as the gift stores at the Seattle Space Needle and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

SkyscraperPage is partnering with a variety of websites. Special thanks go to our friends of Phorio, a worldwide database of buildings.

Users who would like to submit a drawing to SkyscraperPage can create an illustrator account or join the discussion forum.

SkyscraperPage supports:
- Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
- Internet Archive - Wikimedia Foundation