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Seongnam is in the metropolitian area of Seoul.
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Formerly known as Songnam.

Seongnam is a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Because of its convenient location near Seoul, it is a largely residential city with a population that merges with other residential cities. Its most heavily occupied sector is the Bundang Development Borough, which is home to a huge amount of multi-skyscraper apartment complexes that are also common in other major Korean cities. In addition, the Bundang Borough serves as Seongnam's heart and provides the rest of the city with the Bundang Subway Line, which extends into Seoul.

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NAVER Green Factory28built2010(1)
NAVER Gray Factory29built2021(1)
Samsung Michelan Chereville C38built2003(1)
Jungja Prugio City 3 B34built2015(1)
Jungja Prugio City 3 A34built2015(1)
Time Bridge37built2005(1)
Samsung Michelan Chereville D37built2003(1)
Kolon Tripolis 1 C37built2002(2)
Kolon Tripolis 1 B37built2002(2)
Kolon Tripolis 1 A37built2002(3)
Jungja Prugio City 130built2013(1)
Kolon The Frau33built2004(2)
Baekgung Dongyang Paragon B32built2004(1)
Baekgung Dongyang Paragon A32built2004(1)
Bundang Doosan Tower27built2020(1)
SK U Tower28built2005(1)
Intelligence 2 Town C35built2004(1)
Intelligence 2 Town B35built2004(1)
Intelligence 2 Town A35built2004(1)
Bundang Hyundai IPARK 30234built2003(1)
Bundang Hyundai IPARK 30134built2003(1)
Jungja Prugio City 3 C29built2015(1)
Poonglim i-want Plus25built2001(2)
Doosan We've Pavilion B33built2005(1)
Doosan We've Pavilion A33built2005(1)
Bundang Park View 61335built2004(1)
Bundang Park View 61235built2004(1)
Bundang Park View 61135built2004(1)
Bundang Park View 61035built2004(1)
Bundang Park View 60935built2004(1)
Bundang Park View 60835built2004(1)
Bundang Park View 60735built2004(1)
Bundang Park View 60635built2004(1)
Bundang Park View 60535built2004(1)
Bundang Park View 60435built2004(1)
Bundang Park View 60335built2004(1)
Bundang Park View 60235built2004(1)
Bundang Park View 60135built2004(1)
The Sharp Star Park 10236built2007(2)
Jeongja Station AK Wise Place B29built2015(1)
Jeongja Station AK Wise Place A29built2015(1)
Pangyo One village Prugio 30135built2009(1)
Pangyo One village Humansia Prugio 50735built2009(1)
Pangyo One village Humansia Prugio 50135built2009(1)
Bundang Hyundai IPARK 10434built2003(1)
Bundang Hyundai IPARK 10334built2003(1)
Bundang Hyundai IPARK 10234built2003(1)
Bundang Hyundai IPARK 10134built2003(1)
The Sharp Star Park 10435built2007(2)
The Sharp Star Park 10135built2007(2)
Bundang Hyundai IPARK Phase 231built2003(1)
Hyundai Pandeon Officetel27built1997(1)
Pangyo One village Humansia Prugio 50633built2009(1)
Pangyo One village Humansia Prugio 50233built2009(1)
Royal Palace Houseville31built2004
The Sharp Star Park 10333built2007(2)
Humansia Desiang 131035built2010
Humansia Desiang 130935built2010
Humansia Desiang 130735built2010
Humansia Desiang 130635built2010
Humansia Desiang 130435built2010
Humansia Desiang 130135built2010
KT Bundang Head Office Tower21built1998(1)
Royal Palace D32built2003
Royal Palace C32built2003
Jungja Doosan We've Zenith Tower B30built2004(1)
Jungja Doosan We've Zenith Tower A30built2004(1)
Royal Palace A31built2003
Hyundai Heavy Industries R&D Center20built2023
Bundang G-well Prugio 10228built2022
Bundang G-well Prugio 10128built2022
Humansia Desiang 131233built2010
Humansia Desiang 131133built2010
Humansia Desiang 130833built2010
Humansia Desiang 130533built2010
Pangyo One village Prugio 30330built2009(1)
Pangyo One village Prugio 30230built2009(1)
Bundang Park View Office Tower22built2004
Samsung Adena Palace C27built2003(1)
Samsung Adena Palace B27built2003(1)
Samsung Adena Palace A27built2003(1)
DoubleTree by Hilton Seoul Pangyo21built2022
Bundang Square Building20built1997
Jeongja IPARK29built2002
Samsung Bobos Chereville27built2004
Dayou Winia R&D Center21built2022
Humansia Desiang 130231built2010
The Sharp Bundang Park River 10134built2021
Pangyo One village Prugio 30527built2009(1)
Royal Palace B28built2003
The Sharp Bundang Park River 10332built2021
SK Telecom Bundang Office Building16built1999(1)
Seongnam SK V1 Tower20built2019(1)
The Sharp Bundang Park River Square21built2021
Humansia Desiang 130329built2010
The Sharp Bundang Park River 10232built2021
Samsung Michelan Chereville B24built2003(1)
Samsung Michelan Chereville A24built2003(1)
Pangyo One village Humansia Prugio 50525built2009(1)
Tmax Tower17built2001
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