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Metropolitian Area Cities
Gwangmyeong is in the metropolitian area of Seoul.
• Ansan
• Anseong
• Anyang
• Bucheon
• Cheonan
• Gimpo
• Goyang
• Gunpo
• Guri
• Gwacheon
• Hanam
• Hwaseong
• Icheon
• Incheon
• Namyangju
• Paju
• Seongnam
• Seoul
• Siheung
• Suwon
• Uijeongbu
• Uiwang
• Yangpyeong
• Yongin


Is the metropolitan area of Seoul Railroad is developed

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Gwangmyeong Station U-Planet DESIAN 10649built2019(1)
Gwangmyeong Station U-Planet DESIAN 10549built2019(1)
Gwangmyeong Station U-Planet DESIAN 10449built2019(1)
Gwangmyeong Station U-Planet DESIAN 10349built2019(1)
Gwangmyeong Station U-Planet DESIAN 10249built2019(1)
Gwangmyeong Station U-Planet DESIAN 10149built2019(1)
Gwangmyeong Station Summit Place 10442built2018(1)
Gwangmyeong Station Summit Place 10342built2018(1)
Gwangmyeong Station Summit Place 10242built2018(1)
Gwangmyeong Station Prugio 10242built2017
Gwangmyeong Station Summit Place 10941built2018(1)
Gwangmyeong Station Summit Place 10641built2018(1)
Gwangmyeong Station Summit Place 10840built2018(1)
Gwangmyeong Station Central Xi 20740built2018
Gwangmyeong Station Central Xi 20640built2018
Gwangmyeong Station Central Xi 20540built2018
Gwangmyeong Station Central Xi 20440built2018
Gwangmyeong Station Central Xi 20340built2018
Gwangmyeong Station U-Planet T Tower26built2021(1)
GIDC Gwangmyeong Station29built2021(1)
Gwangmyeong Station Prugio 10139built2017
Gwangmyeong Station Central Xi 20239built2018
Gwangmyeong Station U-Planet Take Hotel27built2021(1)
Gwangmyeong Station Park Xi 10737built2017
Gwangmyeong Station Park Xi 10637built2017
Gwangmyeong Station Park Xi 10337built2017
Gwangmyeong Station Park Xi 10237built2017
Gwangmyeong Station U-Planet U Tower22built2021(1)
Gwangmyeong Station Central Xi 20136built2018
Gwangmyeong Doosan We've Tresium 10537built2009
Gwangmyeong Doosan We've Tresium 10437built2009
Gwangmyeong Prugio Centver 11137built2022
Gwangmyeong Prugio Centver 10937built2022
Gwangmyeong Prugio Centver 10837built2022
Gwangmyeong Station Summit Place 11034built2018(2)
Gwangmyeong Station Summit Place 10534built2018(1)
Gwangmyeong Station Summit Place 10134built2018(1)
Gwangmyeong Station Prugio 10534built2017
Gwangmyeong Station Park Xi 10134built2017
Cheolsan Station Lotte Castle & SK VIEW Cl...36built2022
Cheolsan Station Lotte Castle & SK VIEW Cl...36built2022
Gwangmyeong Doosan We've Tresium 10636built2009
Gwangmyeong Station Summit Place 10733built2018(1)
Gwangmyeong Doosan We've Tresium 10335built2009
Gwangmyeong Doosan We've Tresium 10235built2009
Gwangmyeong Station Xi Tower25built2019
Gwangmyeong Station Park Xi 10433built2017
Gwangmyeong Station Prugio 10332built2017
Gwangmyeong Station Park Xi 10532built2017
Cheolsan Prugio Hanulche 10834built2010
Cheolsan Prugio Hanulche 10634built2010
Gwangmyeong Doosan We've Tresium 10133built2009
Gwangmyeong e-Pyeonhansesang Centerville 20633built2010
e-Pyeonhansesang Centerville 20333built2010
e-Pyeonhansesang Centerville 10933built2010
e-Pyeonhansesang Centerville 10733built2010
e-Pyeonhansesang Centerville 10533built2010
Cheolsan Prugio Hanulche 11133built2010
Cheolsan Prugio Hanulche 10933built2010
Cheolsan Prugio Hanulche 10233built2010
Cheolsan Station Lotte Castle & SK VIEW Cl...32built2022
e-Pyeonhansesang Centerville 20532built2010
e-Pyeonhansesang Centerville 10832built2010
e-Pyeonhansesang Centerville 10432built2010
Gwangmyeong Prugio Centver 10531built2022
Gwangmyeong Station U-Planet DESIAN studio26built2019(1)
e-Pyeonhansesang Centerville 20231built2010
e-Pyeonhansesang Centerville 10631built2010
e-Pyeonhansesang Centerville 10330built2010
Cheolsan Station Lotte Castle & SK VIEW Cl...30built2022
Gwangmyeong Doosan We've Tresium 10930built2009
Gwangmyeong Doosan We've Tresium 10830built2009
e-Pyeonhansesang Centerville 20430built2010
e-Pyeonhansesang Centerville 20130built2010
e-Pyeonhansesang Centerville 10230built2010
Gwangmyeong Station Central Xi Officetel25built2018
Cheolsan Prugio Hanulche 10130built2010
Gwangmyeong Station Prugio 10427built2017
Gwangmyeong Prugio Centver 11029built2022
Gwangmyeong Prugio Centver 10729built2022
Gwangmyeong Prugio Centver 10629built2022
Gwangmyeong Prugio Centver 10429built2022
Gwangmyeong Prugio Centver 10329built2022
Gwangmyeong Prugio Centver 10229built2022
Gwangmyeong Prugio Centver 10129built2022
e-Pyeonhansesang Centerville 20729built2010
Gwangmyeong Doosan We've Tresium 10728built2009
Gwangmyeong Station Summit Place 11223built2018(1)
Gwangmyeong Station Summit Place 11123built2018(1)
Gwangmyeong Trade Center C18built2019
Gwangmyeong Trade Center A18built2019
Gwangmyeong Station M Cluster17built2020
Gwangmyeong Station Park Xi A23built2017
Cheolsan Prugio Hanulche 10728built2010
Chung-Ang University Gwangmyeong Hospital14built2022
e-Pyeonhansesang Centerville 10125built2010
Gwangmyeong Triple Tower19built2018
Cheolsan Prugio Hanulche 11025built2010
Cheolsan Prugio Hanulche 10325built2010
Gwangmyeong G Tower15built2022
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