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Metropolitian Area Cities
Suwon is in the metropolitian area of Seoul.
• Ansan
• Anseong
• Anyang
• Bucheon
• Cheonan
• Gimpo
• Goyang
• Gunpo
• Guri
• Gwacheon
• Gwangmyeong
• Hanam
• Hwaseong
• Icheon
• Incheon
• Namyangju
• Paju
• Seongnam
• Seoul
• Siheung
• Uijeongbu
• Uiwang
• Yangpyeong
• Yongin


A city of northwest South Korea south of Seoul.
The main industries are semiconductors and electronics.

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Samsung R4 Tower37built2005(1)
Gwanggyo SK VIEW Lake Tower Office41built2019(1)
Forena Gwanggyo 10347built2020(1)
Samsung R3 Tower27built2001(1)
Forena Gwanggyo 10145built2020(1)
Gwanggyo the Sharp Lake City 10149built2022(1)
Gwanggyo IPARK 10149built2018(1)
Gwanggyo IPARK 10449built2018(1)
Gwanggyo Prugio Worldmark 10148built2015(1)
Hillstate Gwanggyo 10449built2018(1)
Hillstate Gwanggyo 10349built2018(1)
Hillstate Gwanggyo 10249built2018(1)
Gwanggyo The Sharp Lake City 10349built2022(1)
Gwanggyo the Sharp Lake City 10247built2022(1)
Gwanggyo Jungheung S-Class 11049built2019(1)
Gwanggyo Jungheung S-Class 10949built2019(1)
Gwanggyo Jungheung S-Class 10849built2019(1)
Gwanggyo Jungheung S-Class 10749built2019(1)
Gwanggyo Jungheung S-Class 10649built2019(1)
Gwanggyo Jungheung S-Class 10349built2019(1)
Gwanggyo Jungheung S-Class 10249built2019(1)
Forena Gwanggyo 10242built2020(1)
Hillstate Gwanggyo 10547built2018(1)
Gwanggyo the Sharp 10549built2018(1)
Hwaseo Station Park Prugio 11346built2021(1)
Hwaseo Station Park Prugio 11046built2021(1)
Gwanggyo IPARK 10545built2018(1)
Gwanggyo IPARK 10245built2018(1)
Gwanggyo the Sharp 20248built2018(1)
Gwanggyo the Sharp 20148built2018(1)
Suwon Honorsville Wiz A45built2017(1)
Gwanggyo The Sharp Lake Park 10240built2017(1)
Gwanggyo SK VIEW Lake Tower Officetel41built2019(1)
Gwanggyo IPARK 10344built2018(1)
Gwanggyo the Sharp 10345built2018(1)
Hwaseo Station Park Prugio 11245built2021(1)
Hwaseo Station Park Prugio 11145built2021(1)
Hwaseo Station Park Prugio 10845built2021(1)
Hwaseo Station Park Prugio 10345built2021(1)
Suwon Honorsville Wiz B43built2017(1)
Gwanggyo the Sharp Lake City 10441built2022(1)
Gwanggyo the Sharp 10444built2018(1)
Samsung R5 Tower27built2013(1)
Hwaseo Station Park Prugio 10943built2021(1)
Hillstate Gwanggyo 10642built2018(1)
Gwanggyo Jungheung S-Class 10442built2019(1)
Hwaseo Station Park Prugio 10643built2021(1)
Hwaseo Station Park Prugio 10443built2021(1)
Hwaseo Station Park Prugio 10541built2021(1)
Hwaseo Station Prugio Briciel 10141built2023
Hwaseo Station Park Prugio Officetel39built2021(1)
Gwanggyo Hillstate Lake 10140built2016(1)
Gwanggyo The Sharp Lake Park 10135built2017(1)
Hwaseo Station Prugio Briciel 10340built2023
Hwaseo Station Prugio Briciel 10240built2023
Hillstate Gwanggyo 10139built2018(1)
Gwanggyo the Sharp 10240built2018(1)
Daewoo World Mark Yeongtong 10236built2008(1)
Daewoo World Mark Yeongtong 10136built2008(1)
Hwaseo Station Prugio Briciel 20241built2023
Hwaseo Station Prugio Briciel 20141built2023
Gwanggyo Jungheung S-Class 10139built2019(1)
Suwon SK Sky View 12140built2013
Suwon SK Sky View 12040built2013
Gwanggyo Hillstate Lake 10336built2016(1)
e-Pyeonhansesang Gwanggyo 611439built2012
e-Pyeonhansesang Gwanggyo 611339built2012
e-Pyeonhansesang Gwanggyo 611139built2012
Uman Hanil Verache Eco Plus36built2022
e-Pyeonhansesang Gwanggyo 611238built2012
Gwanggyo Chamnuri Lake 301036built2012
Yeongtong House Story31built2008(1)
Ingye Prugio34built2012(1)
Gwanggyo Jungheung S-Class 10534built2019(1)
Suwon SK Sky View 12537built2013
Suwon SK Sky View 12437built2013
Suwon SK Sky View 12337built2013
Suwon SK Sky View 12237built2013
Suwon SK Sky View 11837built2013
Suwon SK Sky View 11737built2013
Suwon SK Sky View 11637built2013
Suwon SK Sky View 11437built2013
Suwon SK Sky View 11137built2013
Suwon SK Sky View 11037built2013
Suwon SK Sky View 10537built2013
Suwon SK Sky View 10437built2013
Suwon SK Sky View 10337built2013
Suwon SK Sky View 10237built2013
e-Pyeonhansesang Gwanggyo 611937built2012
e-Pyeonhansesang Gwanggyo 611837built2012
e-Pyeonhansesang Gwanggyo 611737built2012
e-Pyeonhansesang Gwanggyo 611637built2012
e-Pyeonhansesang Gwanggyo 610737built2012
Gwanggyo the Sharp 10135built2018(1)
Gwanggyo Hillstate Lake 10234built2016(1)
Hwaseo Station Park Prugio 10235built2021(1)
Gwanggyo Chamnuri Lake 300936built2012
Gwanggyo Chamnuri Lake 300836built2012
Gwanggyo Chamnuri Lake 300736built2012
Gwanggyo Chamnuri Lake 300636built2012
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