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Goyang is in the metropolitian area of Seoul.
• Ansan
• Anseong
• Anyang
• Bucheon
• Cheonan
• Gimpo
• Gunpo
• Guri
• Gwacheon
• Gwangmyeong
• Hanam
• Hwaseong
• Icheon
• Incheon
• Namyangju
• Paju
• Seongnam
• Seoul
• Siheung
• Suwon
• Uijeongbu
• Uiwang
• Yangpyeong
• Yongin


Formerly known as Goyang.

This was a countryside close to Seoul
It has been developed rapidly since 1990
Starting with Ilsan New Town
It became a developed metropolis

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CJ LiveCity Landmark Tower88proposed
Ilsan Yojin Y-City 10559built2016(4)
Ilsan Yojin Y-City 10459built2016(5)
Ilsan Doosan We've the Zenith 10559built2013(3)
Ilsan Yojin Y-City 10359built2016(5)
Ilsan Yojin Y-City 10258built2016(4)
Ilsan Yojin Y-City 10657built2016(4)
Ilsan Doosan We've the Zenith 10457built2013(3)
Ilsan Doosan We've the Zenith 10354built2013(3)
Ilsan Yojin Y-City 10155built2016(4)
Ilsan Doosan We've the Zenith 10654built2013(3)
Ilsan Doosan We've the Zenith 10254built2013(3)
Ilsan Doosan We've the Zenith 10753built2013(3)
Ilsan Doosan We've the Zenith 10153built2013(3)
Ilsan Doosan We've the Zenith 10851built2013(3)
Hillstate Samsong Station 10349built2019(1)
Hillstate Samsong Station 10249built2019(1)
Hillstate Samsong Station 10449built2019(1)
Bromex Tower38built2019(1)
Hillstate Samsong Station 10148built2019(1)
Hillstate Ilsan 10348built2019(1)
Wonheung Station Prugio 10349built2021(1)
Wonheung Station Prugio 10249built2021(1)
Wonheung Station Prugio 10149built2021(1)
Hillstate Ilsan 10447built2019(1)
Hillstate Ilsan 10247built2019(1)
Hillstate Ilsan 10147built2019(1)
Ilsan Daebang The M City Sky View 10349built2020(1)
Ilsan Daebang The M City Sky View 10249built2020(1)
KINTEX Dream & Green 10649built2019(1)
KINTEX Dream & Green 10549built2019(1)
KINTEX Dream & Green 10449built2019(1)
KINTEX Dream & Green 10349built2019(1)
KINTEX Dream & Green 10249built2019(1)
KINTEX Dream & Green 10149built2019(1)
KINTEX Dream & Green 20147built2019(1)
KINTEX The Sharp Gravista 10449built2019(1)
KINTEX The Sharp Gravista 10349built2019(1)
KINTEX The Sharp Gravista 10249built2019(1)
KINTEX The Sharp Gravista 10149built2019(1)
KINTEX Dream & Green 20246built2019(1)
KINTEX Onecity M3 Block 30549built2019(1)
KINTEX Onecity M3 Block 30449built2019(1)
KINTEX Onecity M3 Block 30349built2019(1)
KINTEX Onecity M3 Block 30249built2019(1)
KINTEX Onecity M3 Block 30149built2019(1)
KINTEX Onecity M2 Block 20549built2019(1)
KINTEX Onecity M2 Block 20449built2019(1)
KINTEX Onecity M2 Block 20349built2019(1)
KINTEX Onecity M2 Block 20249built2019(1)
KINTEX Onecity M2 Block 20149built2019(1)
KINTEX Onecity M1 Block 10249built2019(1)
KINTEX Onecity M1 Block 10149built2019(1)
KINTEX Dream & Green 20345built2019(1)
e-Pyeonhansesang Ilsan Urban-Sky 10449built2022(1)
e-Pyeonhansesang Ilsan Urban-Sky 10349built2022(1)
e-Pyeonhansesang Ilsan Urban-Sky 10249built2022(1)
e-Pyeonhansesang Ilsan Urban-Sky 10149built2022(1)
Wonheung Station Prugio 10447built2021(1)
Ilsan Daebang The M City Sky View 10143built2020(1)
Samsong Station Hyundai HERIOT 10241built2020(1)
Samsong Station Hyundai HERIOT 10141built2020(1)
Ilsan Hallyu World Bando Yubora The Smart 10336built2020(1)
Ilsan Hallyu World Bando Yubora The Smart 10236built2020(1)
Ilsan Hallyu World Bando Yubora The Smart 10136built2020(1)
Samsong Dongwon Royal Duke Vista Phase 2 10236built2020
Samsong Dongwon Royal Duke Vista Phase 2 10136built2020
Wonheung Station Central Prugio 10438built2018(1)
Wonheung Station Central Prugio 10236built2018(1)
Wonheung Station Central Prugio 10136built2018(1)
Hyundai Sun & Ville The Trinity29built2018(1)
Wonheung Station Central Prugio 10335built2018(1)
Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center20built2013(1)
Samsong Dongwon Royal Duke Vista Phase 2 10332built2020
Wonheung Beneheim 324built2023
Changneung Beneheim 524under construction
Beneheim 123built2023
EBS Digital Integrated Office Building20built2017(1)
Wonheung First Prugio City29built2021
MBN Studio21built2021
Samsong the Sharp 10328built2021
Samsong the Sharp 10228built2021
Samsong the Sharp 10128built2021
Hillstate KINTEX Lake 10327built2019
Hillstate KINTEX Lake 10227built2019
Hillstate KINTEX Lake 10127built2019
Yojin Y-City Office20built2023(1)
TOP Classic B21built2018(1)
TOP Classic A21built2018(1)
Ilsan Xi the Heritage 20932built2022
Ilsan Xi the Heritage 20832built2022
Ilsan Xi the Heritage 20732built2022
Ilsan Xi the Heritage 20532built2022
Ilsan Xi the Heritage 20432built2022
Ilsan Xi the Heritage 20332built2022
Ilsan Xi the Heritage 20232built2022
Ilsan Xi Phase 2 10532built2020
Hillstate Samsong Station Skansen 30225built2021
Hillstate Samsong Station Skansen 30125built2021
Hillstate Samsong Station Skansen 20225built2021
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