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Cheonan is in the metropolitian area of Seoul.
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Formerly known as Chonan.

Cheonan city, South Chungcheong prov., W South Korea. It is a railroad hub and a mining and agricultural center. Nearby are the Seongbul and Hyeonchung temples, as well as many hot springs.

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Pentaport 10366built2011(3)
Hillstate Buldang the One 10449under construction
Hillstate Buldang the One 10149under construction
TK Elevator Korea Test Tower10built1997(1)
Hillstate Buldang the One 10249under construction
Hillstate Cheonan 10347built2021(1)
Hillstate Buldang the One 10346under construction
Pentaport 10145built2011(2)
Cheonan Station Donga Like 10 10448built2021(1)
City Pradium 30647built2018(1)
City Pradium 30547built2018(1)
City Pradium 30447built2018(1)
City Pradium 30347built2018(1)
City Pradium 30247built2018(1)
City Pradium 30147built2018(1)
Cheonan Station Donga Like 10 10348built2021(1)
City Pradium 40248built2020(1)
City Pradium 40148built2020(1)
Pentaport 10241built2011(2)
City Pradium 30745built2018(1)
Cheonan Station Donga Like 10 10246built2021(1)
Cheonan Station Donga Like 10 10146built2021(1)
Hillstate Cheonan 10244built2021(1)
Hillstate Cheonan 10144built2021(1)
City Pradium 30844built2018(1)
Jungheung S-Class Pradium Lake 11040built2016(1)
Jungheung S-Class Pradium Lake 10940built2016(1)
Jungheung S-Class Pradium Lake 10240built2016(1)
Jungheung S-Class Pradium Lake 10140built2016(1)
Jungheung S-Class Pradium Lake 10839built2016(1)
Jungheung S-Class Pradium Lake 10739built2016(1)
Jungheung S-Class Pradium Lake 10339built2016(1)
Jungheung S-Class Pradium Lake 10638built2016(1)
Jungheung S-Class Pradium Lake 10538built2016(1)
Jungheung S-Class Pradium Lake 10438built2016(1)
Cheonan City Xi 10839built2018(1)
Cheonan City Xi 10439built2018(1)
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 20839built2018(1)
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 20739built2018(1)
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 20439built2018(1)
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 20339built2018(1)
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 10439built2017(1)
Cheonan City Xi 10338built2018(1)
Buldang Summit Place Center City 31238built2017(1)
Cheonan Prugio Lakeside 10738built2023
Cheonan Prugio Lakeside 10638built2023
Cheonan Prugio Lakeside 10338built2023
Cheonan Prugio Lakeside 10238built2023
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 10538built2017(1)
Cheonan City Xi 10537built2018(1)
Cheonan City Xi 10237built2018(1)
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 30737built2020(1)
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 30637built2020(1)
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 30537built2020(1)
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 30437built2020(1)
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 30337built2020(1)
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 30237built2020(1)
Buldang Summit Place Center City 31136built2017(1)
Cheonan City Xi 10635built2018(1)
Cheonan City Xi 10135built2018(1)
Cheonan Prugio Lakeside 10535built2023
Cheonan Prugio Lakeside 10435built2023
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 20935built2018(1)
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 10835built2017(1)
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 10335built2017(1)
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 10235built2017(1)
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 10135built2017(1)
Cheonan City Xi 10934built2018(1)
Cheonan City Xi 10734built2018(1)
Buldang Summit Place Center City 31034built2017(1)
Dujeong Station Hyosung Harrington Place 10933built2020
Dujeong Station Hyosung Harrington Place 10833built2020
Dujeong Station Hyosung Harrington Place 10533built2020
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 21334built2018(1)
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 21234built2018(1)
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 21134built2018(1)
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 21034built2018(1)
Dujeong Station Hyosung Harrington Place 11532built2020
Dujeong Station Hyosung Harrington Place 11432built2020
Dujeong Station Hyosung Harrington Place 11332built2020
Dujeong Station Hyosung Harrington Place 10632built2020
Cheonan City Xi 11232built2018(1)
Dujeong Station Hyosung Harrington Place 11031built2020
Dujeong Station Hyosung Harrington Place 10731built2020
Dujeong Station Hyosung Harrington Place 10431built2020
Buldang Koaroo Wide City20built2021(1)
Cheonan City Xi 11131built2018(1)
Buldang Summit Place Center City 30931built2017
Cheonan Station Donga Like 10 10526built2021
Cheonan Laketown Prugio 20631built2018(1)
Buldang Lynn Straus 20431built2017
Buldang Lynn Straus 20331built2017
Buldang Lynn Straus 20231built2017
Buldang Lynn Straus 10531built2017
Buldang Lynn Straus 10431built2017
Buldang Lynn Straus 10331built2017
Sambu Renaissance Officetel20built2004
Buldang Gwell City Prugio 50328built2017
Buldang Gwell City Prugio 50228built2017
Dujeong Station Hyosung Harrington Place 10230built2020
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