By change approved on apr of 2016 by the federal senate & congress, the Federal District (the place where the Mexico city is) takes the name of their inner city, the new state called Ciudad de México includes their 16 delegations who takes the form of mayors, this new state is not the same of the other named Mexico (with capital city Toluca), the city still named Mexico ( means in the middle of the moon lake ).

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Reforma Colón Etapa I65under construction(6)
Mitikah Torre A68under construction(4)
Reforma 43270on hold(2)
Be Grand Pedregal65proposed
Torre Reforma57built2016(7)
Chapultepec Uno57built2019(5)
Torre BBVA50built2015(4)
Torre Mayor55built2003(33)
Torre Ejecutiva Pemex52built1982(24)
Torre La Victoria54proposed(1)
Corporativo Reforma 44547under construction(1)
Antara Nueva Fase53proposed
Downtown & Be Grand Reforma50under construction(1)
Torre Paradox60built2018(4)
The University Tower57under construction(1)
World Trade Center Ciudad de Mexico50built1994(18)
Elite Residences41built2019(3)
Torre Reforma Latino46built2015(2)
Peninsula Santa Fe Torre 30051built2019(3)
Puerta Bosques I53under construction(3)
Peninsula Tower51built2014(1)
Torre Altus44built1998(17)
Reforma Nápoles42under construction(1)
Torres Cuarzo40built2017(2)
Roma 54 Living Reforma45proposed
Mitikah Torre M37built2019(2)
Punta Reforma37built2015(1)
Hotel Sofitel Mexico Reforma41built2019(1)
Impera Reforma40on hold(3)
Torre Latinoamericana44built1956(17)
Arcos Bosques Corporativo Marco I33built1996(16)
Arcos Bosques Marco II34built2008(1)
The Summit Tower36built2020(1)
Torre Diana33built2016(3)
Elite Residences Espacio Condesa37under construction(1)
Icon Beyond44under construction(1)
Corporativo Angel 34234built2012(2)
Torre Manacar29built2018(1)
Presidente Intercontinental Santa Fe Mexico32built2008(2)
St. Regis Hotel & Residences32built2008(5)
Torre Lomas40built1986(8)
Condominio Santa Fe 44336built2005(3)
Peninsula Arcos Santa Fe40built2012(2)
City Santa Fe37built2010(2)
Hyatt Regency Mexico43built1987(12)
Residencial Vidalta Torre Altaire 143built2010(1)
Residencial Vidalta Torre Lux42built2019
Corporativo Reforma Diana27built2013(1)
Panorama Santa Fe35built2005(6)
Torre Altaire II39built2016(2)
Polarea Fase 6 Torre Viena36built2018
Centro Operativo BBVA Bancomer Parques Pol...32built2015(3)
Torre HSBC36built2006(7)
Polarea Fase 7 Torre Ginebra36built2020
Polarea Fase 5 Torre Budapest36built2016(1)
Polarea Fase 4 Torre Singapur36built2015(1)
Torre del Caballito34built1988(8)
Torre Mural33built1995(5)
Torre Mexicana32built1984(3)
Presidente InterContinental Hotel42built1977(10)
Residencial del Bosque 230built1996(6)
Residencial del Bosque 130built1996(6)
265 Reforma28built1995(6)
SEP Torre Independencia25built1962(6)
La Colina 278 Residencial36on hold(1)
Aleph San Angel30built2019(1)
Reforma 22231built2008(8)
Punta Poniente30built2007(3)
Origina Pedregal34under construction
Torre Mapfre27built2013(2)
H2O Condominios33built2007(1)
Vitant Del Valle39proposed
Be Grand Alto Polanco VI36proposed
Be Grand Alto Polanco V36proposed
Be Grand Alto Polanco IV36built2020(1)
Be Grand Alto Polanco III36built2020(1)
Be Grand Alto Polanco II36built2018(1)
Be Grand Alto Polanco I36built2015(2)
Torre Virreyes28built2015(1)
Icon San Angel35built2019(1)
Origina Santa Fe33proposed
Parques Polanco Fase V30built2016
Haus Santa Fe30built2006(1)
Polarea Fase 3 Torre Luxemburgo28built2015(1)
Parallelo Insurgentes28under construction
Grand Santa Fe Residencial Torre Oriente28built2006(2)
Miyana Etapa 426proposed
Corporativo Jaime Nuno31under construction
Punta del Parque Torres A y B34built2006(2)
Torre Redondel27built2016(1)
Green Tower22built2012(1)
Century Plaza Santa Fe24built2011(2)
Elevia Residencial Plus32built2016
Torre Reforma28built(4)
Corporativo World Plaza24built2004(4)
U Place Periferico Urban Living36proposed
Residencial Palmas Kamerun30built1982(3)
Reforma 11527built2005(6)
Torre Cuadrata25built2000(2)
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