Nicknamed "The Windy City" not for its weather patterns, but for its 1893 bidding for the World's Fair. The bidding was so fierce, a New York Sun editor wrote: "Don't pay attention to the nonsensical claims of that windy city. Its people could not build a world's fair even if they won it."

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Willis Tower108built1974(54)
Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago98built2009(32)
The St. Regis Chicago101built2020(3)
Aon Center83built1973(43)
875 North Michigan Avenue100built1969(12)
The Franklin60built1989(9)
Two Prudential Plaza64built1990(6)
One Chicago Square78built2022(1)
311 South Wacker65built1990(8)
NEMA Chicago76built2019(3)
900 North Michigan66built1989(4)
Water Tower Place74built1976(14)
Chase Tower60built1969(5)
Park Tower67built2000(6)
One Bennett Park67built2018(2)
Salesforce Tower60built2023(3)
Legacy at Millennium Park71built2010(4)
110 North Wacker55built2020(3)
300 North LaSalle60built2009(2)
Three First National Plaza57built1981(3)
Chicago Title & Trust Building50built1992(7)
Blue Cross-Blue Shield Tower54built2010(4)
River Point52built2017(3)
BMO Tower50built2022(1)
One Museum Park62built2009(3)
150 North Riverside53built2017(1)
Olympia Centre63built1986(7)
AMA Plaza52built1973(8)
111 South Wacker52built2005(3)
181 West Madison50built1990(8)
Hyatt Center48built2005(3)
One Magnificent Mile57built1983(3)
340 on the Park64built2007(4)
Wolf Point East60built2020(1)
United Building49built1992(6)
UBS Tower50built2001(3)
Richard J. Daley Center32built1965(4)
55 East Erie58built2003(2)
Lake Point Tower69built1968(9)
River East Center58built2001(3)
Grand Plaza I57built2004(1)
155 North Wacker45built2009(2)
Leo Burnett Building46built1989(5)
The Heritage at Millennium Park57built2005(1)
NBC Tower37built1989(4)
353 North Clark40built2009(2)
Essex on the Park56built2019(2)
Millennium Centre59built2004(2)
Chicago Place49built1991(2)
Chicago Board of Trade44built1930(2)
CNA Plaza44built1972(5)
One Prudential Plaza41built1955(7)
Heller International Building45built1992(2)
Madison Plaza45built1982(3)
Central Station - One Museum Park West54built2010(2)
1000 Lake Shore Plaza55built1964(3)
The Clare at Water Tower52built2008(2)
Marina City II61built1962(5)
Marina City I61built1962(5)
Citicorp Center42built1987(2)
Optima Signature57built2017(2)
Mid-Continental Plaza50built1972(3)
Smurfit-Stone Building41built1984(3)
North Pier Apartments61built1990(3)
Citadel Center39built2003(1)
Civic Opera Building45built1929(1)
The Fordham52built2003(1)
190 South LaSalle40built1987(2)
One South Dearborn39built2005(1)
Onterie Center58built1986(3)
151 North Franklin36built2018(2)
Chicago Temple Building23built1924(1)
Palmolive Building37built1929(1)
Huron Plaza56built1983(1)
Boeing World Headquarters36built1990(2)
Pittsfield Building38built1927(1)
The Parkshore56built1991(3)
North Harbor Tower55built1988(2)
Illinois Center - Michigan Plaza South46built1985(2)
30 North LaSalle44built1975(3)
Streeter Place53built2009(1)
Newberry Plaza53built1974(4)
Harbor Point54built1975(2)
One South Wacker40built1982(1)
Loews North Park Drive54built2015(2)
Kluczynski Federal Building45built1975(4)
Illinois Center - Park Millennium57built2002(1)
AMLI Rivernorth Tower50built2013(2)
LaSalle-Wacker Building41built1930(1)
The Bristol42built2000(1)
USG Building35built1992(1)
AT&T 10 South Canal27built1971(2)
465 North Park Drive48built2018(1)
The Pinnacle48built2004(1)
Field Building45built1934(3)
Park Place Tower56built1971(2)
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