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Metropolitian Area Cities
Shenzhen is in the metropolitian area of Pearl River Delta.
• Dongguan
• Foshan
• Guangzhou
• Hong Kong
• Huizhou
• Jiangmen
• Macau
• Zhongshan
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Shenzhen, formerly known as Bao'an County.

It is a sub-provincial city of Guangdong Province and is a Special Economic Zone of China, located at the border with Hong Kong.

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Ping An International Finance Centre115built2017(7)
SZ Tower110proposed(4)
Caiwuwei Center110proposed(5)
Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Centreproposed(4)
China Resources Hubei Old Village Redevelo...proposed(5)
Shekou Prince Bay Redevelopment80proposed(2)
Zhonghai Shennan East Road Projectproposed(1)
Kingkey Hubei New Village Redevelopmentproposed(1)
Super Loopproposed(2)
Evergrande Center71under construction(3)
China Resources Headquarters67built2018(2)
Shum Yip Upperhills Tower 180built2020(1)
Citimark Financial Center70under construction(3)
Shun Hing Square69built1996(17)
Sungang Commercial Complex Tower 596proposed(1)
Luohu Friendship Trading Centre83under construction
Shenzhen Center70built2021(3)
Galaxy Project [2]84under construction(2)
Galaxy Project [1]84under construction(2)
Hongshu Bay Metro Station77under construction(6)
Hanking Center65built2018(2)
Yuhe Shennan Tower67proposed(1)
China Merchants Bank HQ74under construction(1)
Nanshan T205-0027 Plotproposed
Lizhi Park Office Towerproposed(1)
One Shenzhen Bay 771built2018(2)
Shenzhen Urban Construction & Tower72under construction(2)
Hon Kwok City Center80built2017(3)
COFCO Towerproposed
Baoneng Center71built2018(2)
Shimao International Exhibition Centre Red...76proposed
CITIC Financial Centerunder construction(1)
Shenzhen Bay Innovation and Technology Centre69built2020(2)
Hengyu Jinrong Center66under construction(1)
East Pacific Center Towers A & B85built2013(2)
Chang Fu Jin Mao Tower68built2016(1)
Guangdong Landmark Building62under construction(1)
Shenzhen Zhongzhou Holdings Financial Center61built2014(2)
China Resources Dachong Redevelopment Proj...76proposed(1)
Zhubian Xincun Redevelopment75proposed(1)
Liuxiandong Towers #772proposed
Luohu Friendship Trading Centre70proposed
OCT Tower66built2020(2)
Tianan Cyberpark Headquartersproposed
Tairan Redevelopment Project Tower [1]proposed
Binhe 04-01 04-02 Plotunder construction(1)
Shum Yip Upperhills Tower 2built2017(2)
Shimao Qianhai Project70built2020(2)
Riverfront Times Square64built2016(1)
Qianhai Horoy Tower - Conrad Hotel62under construction(2)
SEG Plaza72built2000(5)
China Resources Qianhai Center T165built2019(2)
Centralcon Shangsha Project 267under construction(2)
Centralcon Shangsha Project 167under construction(2)
China Chuneng Tower62built2016(2)
Huaxun Center70built2018(1)
Ping An Finance Center South51built2019(1)
Excellence Qianhai Landmark Tower62built2019(2)
Excellence Century Plaza Tower A66built2010(2)
Shuibei Redevelopmentproposed
Anbang Insurance Headquartersproposed
Shenzhen Bay Ecocity B-Tech Tower 158built2018(2)
L├╝gem Tower56built2011(2)
Kaisa City Plazaunder construction
Shenzhen Metro Chegong Temple Hub55built2019(2)
China Resources Headquarters Second Towerbuilt2019(1)
Shenzhen Special Zone Press Tower47built1998(3)
Qianhai Financial Center [1]57built2019(1)
Dahanwang Project [1]53built2019(2)
North Station Landmark Tower58proposed
AVIC Plaza52built2012(1)
Wongtee Plaza65built2016(2)
Shenzhen World Trade Centre53built2001(3)
Shimao International Exhibition Centre Red...75proposed
Shimao International Exhibition Centre Red...75proposed
Excellence Century Plaza Tower B62built2010(1)
Clay Innovation Square54under construction
Tencent Seafront Tower 150built2017(2)
Hengli International Building45proposed
Vanke 3D Cityunder construction(1)
Tairan Redevelopment Project Tower [2]proposed
North Station West Square [1]built2019(1)
Shenzhen University Subway Station Complex51built2018(2)
Hung Cheong Plaza63built2004(2)
Shenzhen Stock Exchange60built2012(3)
Hengyu Jinrong Center Block B65under construction
Shenzhen Bay Ecocity B-Tech Project [2]54built2018(1)
China Resources Qianhai Center T555built2019(2)
Shenzhen Broadcasting Center51built2001(2)
Panglin Plaza54built1999(2)
Hengyu Jinrong Center Block C52under construction
Shuibei Jewelry Headquarters48built2018(1)
Shenzhen New World Center Tower53built2006(2)
CASC International Center North Tower50built2015(2)
China Resources Dachong Redevelopment Proj...47built2018(2)
Lihe Tower48built2017(2)
SEG-Hitachi Industrial Park Redevelopment ...65built2015(2)
SEG-Hitachi Industrial Park Redevelopment ...65built2015(2)
Rongchao Headquarters Tower54built2017(2)
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