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Metropolitian Area Cities
Guangzhou is in the metropolitian area of Pearl River Delta.
• Dongguan
• Foshan
• Hong Kong
• Huizhou
• Jiangmen
• Macau
• Shenzhen
• Zhongshan
• Zhuhai


Formerly known as Canton, Kanton or Kwangchow.

Guangzhou is the capital and a political, economic, scientific and cultural center of Guangdong Province. It is located in the south of Guangdong Province and in the north of the Pearl River Delta. It is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau. It is a regional central city in South China, a communication and telecommunication hub, and southern gateway of China to the world.

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Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre111built2016(6)
International Financial City [2]proposed
Guangzhou International Finance Center103built2010(7)
CITIC Plaza80built1996(19)
Guangdong Business Center [1]60under construction(1)
The Pinnacle60built2012(2)
South Station Developmentproposed
Poly 335 Financial Center - Tower 164under construction(1)
Huijin Center [1]69under construction(2)
Junchao Plaza67under construction(1)
Guangzhou International Cultural Centerunder construction(1)
Guangdong Business Centre [3]proposed(1)
Global City Square67built2016(3)
Pearl River Tower71built2011(3)
Fortune Center68built2015(2)
Poly Pazhou C261built2017(2)
Guangfa Securities Headquarters62built2018(2)
Leatop Plaza64built2012(2)
R&F Yingkai Square66built2014(4)
Guangdong Holdings Banking and Commerce Ce...59under construction(3)
GT Land Landmark Plaza South Tower46built2016(2)
Star River Center46under construction(1)
Tianhui Plaza C360built2016(2)
Guangdong Business Centre [4]proposed(1)
Dapeng International Plaza56built2006(2)
China International Center - Tower B62built2007(3)
Bank of Guangzhou Tower57built2012(2)
Grand City Main Tower57under construction
Guangdong Telecom Plaza68built2003(4)
Cadre City Plaza West Tower49built2020(1)
R&F International Business Center Phase 253built2016(2)
South China International Wharf Service Ce...55built2018(1)
Guangdong Business Centre [6]proposed(1)
Guangdong Business Centre [5]proposed(1)
Banghua World Trade Centre55built2017(2)
R&F Centre54built2007(2)
New World Zengcheng Mixed Use Development ...47under construction
Guangdong Business Centre [7]proposed
Guangzhou Fuli Dongshan Xintiandi52built2017
Guangdong Business Centre [9]proposed
Guangdong Business Centre [8]proposed
Kingold Tower46built2016(1)
Victory Plaza52built2007(2)
Huijin Center [2]50on hold
OneLink Walk Office Tower53built2010(1)
New World Times Center Phase 257built2010
Tianhebei Tower55built2015(1)
Taikoo Hui Office Tower 148built2011(1)
Vertical City51built2010(2)
CCCC South Headquarters50built2015(1)
Alibaba Tower37built2020
GT Land Landmark Plaza North Tower46built2014(2)
Center Plaza47built2004(2)
Cadre City Plaza East Tower43built2020
Guangdong Business Centre Twins West Towerunder construction
Guangdong Business Centre Twins East Towerunder construction
Nanfang International Mansion48built1998(2)
New World Zengcheng Mixed Use Development ...47under construction
Guangdong International Hotel63built1990(2)
Guangdong Business Centre [10]proposed
Cong Xing Electronics Towerunder construction
Greenland Plaza45built2014
Metro Plaza48built1996(3)
Canton Fair Westin Hotel43built2011
Shangdong Hanyu Yayuan Apartments52built2016
Guangzhou East Railway Station Towers47built2009
China Construction Bank Tower47built1996(2)
International Finance Place39built2007(3)
Poly Pazhou C143built2017
R&F To-Win Mansion41built2014(1)
Teemtower Office Building45built2007(2)
Zhongshui Plaza46on hold(1)
Victory Garden Block C52built2004(3)
Aiqun Huijing Wan Tower B49built2013
Aiqun Huijing Wan Tower A49built2013
Jiayu Hotel Guangzhou46built2016(1)
Evergrande Center43built2013(1)
Agile Corporation Headquarters39built2016(1)
Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Tianhe41built
Shui On Guangzhou Centre46built2007
Bercy Plaza51built2008(1)
China Shine Plaza45built2006(1)
Sunrich Plaza40built2010(1)
Guangzhou International Trade Centre48built1996(2)
Girdear Headquarters38on hold(1)
GT Land Plaza39built2011(1)
The Riviera A649built2014(1)
Ritz-Carlton Hotel39built2007(2)
Crowne Plaza Harbourview Guangzhou41built2008(1)
Asia International Hotel51built1998(1)
Yuecai Building40built2008(1)
Poly V Building40built2011(2)
Yuexiu City Plaza39built2006
ZenFun Business Mansion42built2012(1)
The Riverside50built2009
The Riviera A4 A548built2014(1)
The Riviera A348built2014(1)
The Riviera A248built2014(1)
CC Tower32built2005(1)
Canton Fair Command Center41built2009
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