New York City

New York City is perhaps the most widely known city around the world. With residents from every country on earth with differing cultures, it can be said that New York City is an urbanized microcosm of the globe.

New York City is home to the United Nations and is also one of the world's major venues for international diplomacy. The city has been a dominant global financial center ever since World War II. New York City was the birthplace of many American cultural movements such as Hip-Hop and abstract expressionism.

Geographically, the city consists of five boroughs; Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. Together, these boroughs comprise a population of over eight million people.

Towards the late 90's, and early 2000's the city's crime levels dropped dramatically, the city's economy boomed, and New York's population reached an all-time high in the 2000 census. New York City became known for many of its famous landmarks such as the Empire State Building, the Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, the (now destroyed) Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, United Nations, Times Square, Central Park, Chrysler Building and much more.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck; the city was one of the sites of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks. The world famous World Trade Center was destroyed and nearly 3,000 lives were lost.

Nevertheless, New York rebuilt itself: The New World Trade Center is underway. The crowning One World Trade Center and most side towers, except Two World Trade center, are completed. However, the focus has shifted to new areas in recent years, with new office space growing in Hudson Yards and new super skinny residential towers for the super rich growing along the Southern side of Central Park.

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One World Trade Center110destroyed(36)
Two World Trade Center110destroyed(36)
JP Morgan Chase World Headquarters52destroyed(8)
Singer Building47destroyed(4)
7 World Trade Center47destroyed(3)
Deutsche Bank Building40destroyed(9)
City Investing Building33destroyed(3)
Doubletree Guest Suites Times Square46destroyed(1)
National City Bank Building32destroyed
Savoy-Plaza Hotel33destroyed(2)
425 Park Avenue32destroyed(1)
Hanover National Bank Building22destroyed(3)
Knickerbocker Trust Building27destroyed(1)
Trinity Court Building25destroyed
60 Wall Street26destroyed(1)
New York World Building20destroyed(4)
Manhattan Life Insurance Building18destroyed(3)
New York Coliseum26destroyed(1)
St. Paul Building26destroyed(3)
Gotham National Bank Building24destroyed
Belmont Hotel22destroyed(1)
Union Carbide & Carbon Building23destroyed
Hyde Building21destroyed
United Engineering Center22destroyed(1)
Liggett Building22destroyed
German-American Insurance Building21destroyed
Fidelity & Casualty Building Addition21destroyed
Washington Life Building18destroyed
Hudson Terminal Building South22destroyed(3)
Hudson Terminal Building North22destroyed(2)
Gillender Building19destroyed(2)
Commercial Cable Building22destroyed
National Bank of Commerce19destroyed(1)
Hotel Victoria22destroyed(1)
58-60 Broad Street20destroyed
Remington Building22destroyed
Atlantic Mutual Building18destroyed
Corn Exchange Bank Addition20destroyed
Century Building20destroyed
New York Tribune Building18destroyed(1)
IBM Building22destroyed
SwissĂ´tel The Drake20destroyed
Hotel Picadilly23destroyed
Manhattan Hotel16destroyed
28 Pine Street20destroyed
Seamen's Church Institute Building23destroyed
Marriott World Trade Center24destroyed(4)
Continental Life Insurance Building Addition18destroyed
All America Cables Building18destroyed
Hotel Abbey22destroyed
Netherland Hotel17destroyed
American Exchange Bank Building17destroyed
Western Union Telegraph Building10destroyed(1)
New York Produce Exchange14destroyed
Roebling Building18destroyed
505 Fifth Avenue18destroyed(1)
Architects Building17destroyed
R.G. Dun & Company Building16destroyed
Ritz-Carlton Hotel16destroyed
Park-Lexington Building20destroyed
Hide and Leather Building17destroyed
1 Wall Street18destroyed
Queen Insurance Company Building17destroyed
Vanderbilt Avenue Building18destroyed
Loew's State Theater & Office Building16destroyed
Architects Building Annex17destroyed
International Commerce Building16destroyed
Mutual Life Building Addition15destroyed
Wurlitzer Building16destroyed
Woodbridge Building Addition16destroyed
Johnston Building16destroyed
Fordham University - School of Education14destroyed
1860 Broadway17destroyed
20 East 57th Street19destroyed
Ambassador Hotel18destroyed
Hotel Claridge16destroyed
334 Park Avenue South18destroyed
436 7th Avenue19destroyed
New York Telephone Company Central Office15destroyed
Kean, Van Cortlandt & Company Building15destroyed
Columbia Building15destroyed
Singer Building14destroyed
Mayflower - Plymouth Hotel19destroyed
Central National Bank Building15destroyed
Blair Building15destroyed
Havemeyer Building14destroyed
Syndicate Building15destroyed
St. Vincent's Hospital15destroyed
Metropolitan Realty Building15destroyed
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Annex15destroyed
265 West 40th Street16destroyed
280 Park Avenue17destroyed
International Banking & Trust Company Buil...14destroyed
United States Mission to the United Nations12destroyed
Hotel Plymouth17destroyed
Hotel Imperial Addition17destroyed
Fiterman Hall15destroyed
Charles Building14destroyed
Central Terminal Building14destroyed
Camolin Building14destroyed
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