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The Executive House23built1965
The Park View at 32020built1964(1)
Harrison Park Towers21built1956
East Orange Veterans Administration Medica...13built1964
Norman Towers16built1980
Brookside Apartments15built1972
Prospect Towers Apartments16built1960
Evergreen Business Center11built1971(1)
Washington Towers14built1960
60 Parkway Drive14built1961
Corinthian Towers13built1928
The Pavillion13built1973
32 South Munn Avenue12built1930
Harrison Arms Apartments12built1979
Arlington House12built1980
Robert Towers13built1950
70 South Munn Avenue12built1950
Imperial House11built1967
Highview House11built1963
Falcon Towers11built1963
110 Washington Plaza11built
Prospect Park Apartments10built1977
McIver Homes10built1977
Heritage House10built1950
Harrison House10built1961
Fulton Towers Apartments10built
Essex Towers10built1925
Coppergate House10built1969
75 Prospect Street10built
55 Glenwood Avenue10built1951
157 South Harrison Street10built1927