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55 Hudson Street95proposed
99 Hudson Street79built2019(2)
30 Journal Square Plaza72proposed
30 Hudson Street42built2004(3)
2 Journal Square72under construction(1)
URL at Harborside I71built2016(1)
URL at Harborside II70proposed
808 Pavonia Avenue Tower II57proposed
URL at Harborside III65proposed
Liberty Harbor North Block 2155proposed
The Charlotte57under construction(1)
1 Journal Squared66proposed(1)
580 Marin Boulevard59proposed
808 Pavonia Avenue Tower I51proposed
560 Marin Boulevard57proposed
3 Journal Squared54built2016(1)
101 Hudson Street42built1992(2)
Trump Plaza Residences55built2008(2)
Newport Tower37built1991(2)
90 Columbus48built2018(1)
70 Columbus48built2015(1)
Monaco South47built2011(1)
Monaco North47built2011(1)
Exchange Place Center30built1989(3)
77 Hudson Street48built2009(1)
70 Greene Street48built2010(1)
235 Grand Street45built2019(1)
500 Summit Avenue42proposed
184 Morgan Street41under construction
Trump Bay Street50built2016
Harborside Plaza 534built2002(2)
Liberty Harbor North Block 2240proposed
401 Washington Boulevard38built2015
Southampton Apartments36built2000(2)
Atlantic Apartments36built1998(2)
The Ellipse43built2017
The Morgan at Provost Square38built2015
Vantage 244under construction(1)
Crystal Point41built2009(1)
Marbella Apartments40built2003(1)
Riverside Apartments33built1998(2)
East Hampton Apartments33built1999(2)
Liberty Harbor North Block 1935proposed
75 Park Lane South37built2020
VYV North35built2017
Liberty View Towers West36built2003(1)
Liberty View Towers East36built2003(1)
The One35built2015
50 Columbus35built2007(2)
A - Jersey City33built2007(1)
Newport Office Center VII29built2003(1)
Liberty Harbor North Block 2530proposed
Liberty Harbor North Block 2030proposed
Liberty Harbor North Block 1825proposed
The Criterion22built1936(1)
Liberty Harbor North Block 23.525proposed
The James Monroe34built1989
Grove Pointe29built2007
Shore Club Condominiums South28built2007
Newport Office Center IV21built2000(1)
Provost Square 228built2018
International Financial Center19built1988
The Pacific at Newport29built2002(1)
The Rialto21built1938
The Orpheum20built1931
The Capitol20built1941
The Thomas Jefferson34built1988(1)
The James Madison34built1988(1)
Portside Towers East25built1995
Newport Office Center V21built2002(1)
Shore Club Condominium North28built2008
Portofino Apartments26built1998
180 Baldwin Avenue Tower B25proposed
180 Baldwin Avenue Tower A25proposed
688 Montgomery Street20proposed
The Paramount22built1941
Pier Six17under construction
One Evertrust Plaza17built1986(1)
The Westin Jersey City26built2008
The John Adams21built
The George Washington21built
Metropolis Towers IV25proposed
Metropolis Towers III25proposed
700 Washington Boulevard - Tower A24proposed
Montgomery Greene19built2006(1)
Harborside Plaza 1019built2002(1)
28 Cottage Street28proposed
Gotham Condominiums22built1999
The Hague17built1928
177 Grand Street - Building I22proposed
Portside Towers West19built1995
Clinical Building17built1938
Mandalay on the Hudson25built1999(1)
Paulus Hook Apartments23built1973
Cast Iron Lofts19built2013
30 Montgomery15built1973
Metropolis Towers II21built1965
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