The \"Mile Square City\" of Hoboken is located along the west bank of the Hudson River directly across from New York City\'s Greenwich Village. Essentially an island, the city is bordered to the east by the river, the west by the steep cliffs of the Palisades and to the north and south by railroads and shipping inlets. In spite of having few roads connecting to Hoboken, it is well served by public transit including a regional rail terminal, a ferry port, busses to Manhattan via the Lincoln Tunnel and subway service to Jersey City, Newark and New York City. Construction is underway for the Hudson county light rail streetcar as well .
High rise development is mostly confined to the perimeter by local zoning laws. As a result the historic town center retains its \"Main Street America\" character while enjoying the financial benefits of big development. Hoboken is the birthplace of Frank Sinatra and reportedly the location of America\'s first organized game of baseball!

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W Hoboken Hotel & Residences25built2008(1)
Two Marineview Plaza25built1975
One Marineview Plaza25built1975
Waterfront Corporate Office II14built2003
Waterfront Corporate Office I14built2002
Wesley J. Howe Center13built(1)
Waterfront Corporate Center Office III12built2014
Columbian Towers16built
The Sky Club West17built2003
The Sky Club East17built2003
The Skyline Apartments15built
Hudson Park Residence Suites15built2001
Observer Plaza14built2001
Hudson Square South14built1994
1000 Maxwell Lane12built2021
Hudson Tea Lofts II12built1916
Hudson Tea Lofts I12built
1125 Maxwell Place North12built2007
Park Place14built2015
1100 Maxwell Lane12built2014
1125 Maxwell Place South12built2007
1025 Maxwell Place12built2006
The Sovereign at the Shipyard South13built
The Sovereign at the Shipyard North13built
The Independence at the Shipyards South13built2003
The Independence at the Shipyards North13built2003
333 River Street13built2002
1450 Washington12built2012
The Constitution at the Shipyard South12built1999
The Constitution at the Shipyard North12built1999
Observer Park Apartments12built1990
Marion Towers12built1976
Hudson Square North12built
Hoboken Grande11built2002
Harborside Lofts at Hudson Tea10built1913
Church Tower Apartments II10built1967
The Vanguard at the Shipyards South11built
The Vanguard at the Shipyards North11built
Fox Hill Gardens11built1973
Metro Stop10built2008
John Adams Gardens10built1967
Church Tower Apartments III10built1967
Church Tower Apartments I10built1967
321 Harrison Street10built1960
320 Jackson Street10built1960