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Metropolitian Area Cities
Hong Kong is in the metropolitian area of Pearl River Delta.
• Dongguan
• Foshan
• Guangzhou
• Huizhou
• Jiangmen
• Macau
• Shenzhen
• Zhongshan
• Zhuhai

Hong Kong

Returned to the People's Republic of China from Great Britain in 1997.

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Listing 501 to 600 of 1473 buildings
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Aon Insurance Tower32built1995
GD Tower30built1994
Shing Yuk House41built1999(1)
Shing Yuet House41built1999(1)
Shing Yu House41built1999(1)
Shing Ting House41built1999(1)
Shing Lai House41built1999(1)
Shing Kwan House41built1999(1)
Shing Kan House41built1999(1)
Shing Him House41built1999(1)
Shing Hang House41built1999(1)
Shing Chun House41built1999(1)
Shing Chuen House41built1999(1)
Shing Chi House41built1999(1)
Heng Yan House41built2001(1)
Heng Moon House41built2001(1)
Heng Lok House41built2001(1)
Heng Lai House41built2001(1)
Heng Chun House41built2001(1)
Heng Cheuk House41built2001(1)
Chung Yuet House41built2002(1)
Chung Ying House41built2002(1)
Chung Yan House41built2002(1)
Chung Toi House41built1999(1)
Chung Ting House41built1999(1)
Chung Shui House41built1999(1)
Chung Pik House41built1999(1)
Chung Lau House41built1999(1)
Chung Hoi House41built2002(1)
Chung Ho House41built2009(1)
Chung Bo House41built2009(1)
Choi Yeung House41built2002(1)
Choi To House41built2002(1)
Choi Pak House41built2002(1)
Choi Mui House41built2002(1)
Choi Lau House41built2002(1)
Choi Chung House41built2002(1)
Wonderland Villas 9-1735built1985(1)
Prince Ritz34built2008(1)
Guangdong Investment Tower29built1996(1)
Greenfields 244built1998
Greenfields 144built1998
Yee Man House41built1999(1)
Yat Man House41built1999(1)
Sik Man House41built1999(1)
Kwun Hei Court41built1999(1)
Hong Keung Court41built1999(1)
Choi Man House41built1999(1)
On Hei House39built1986(1)
Excelsior Court36built1989
Arsenal House35built1995(2)
BOC Credit Card Centre32built1996
CITIC Tower33built1997(3)
King Man Housebuilt1998(1)
H Queen's25built2017(1)
Central Government Complex40built2011(1)
YOHO Town42built2004(1)
Royal Terrace39built2002(1)
La Place de Victoria38built2002
The Repulse Bay37built1989(1)
Rhine Garden Block 536built1992
Nob Hill 336built2002
Nob Hill 236built2002
Nob Hill 136built2002
The Larvotto Phase III34built2011
The Larvotto Phase I34built2011
Laws Commercial Plaza34built1996
Queen's Cube33built2010
Mega iAdvantage32built2000
Asia Orient Tower30built1993
28 Hennessy Road29built2012(1)
LHT Tower27built2011
Hip Shing Hong Centre27built1995(1)
1063 King's Road30built1999(2)
Star Crest II35built2000
Beverly Hill 343built1988
Alexandra House36built1976(1)
Cité 3332built2008(1)
Club Lusitano27built2001(1)
Hing Wai Building25built1998(1)
Tung Ning House41built2000
Tung Lai House41built2000
Tung King House41built2000
Tung Hiu House41built2000
Tung Chi House41built2000
Oi Ping House41built2001
Oi Chak House41built2001
Goodrich Garden 241built1993
Wan Hei House38built1986(1)
Tin Lai Court38built1998
Shun Hei House38built1985(1)
Nga Hei House38built1985(1)
Vicwood Plaza34built1987(1)
St. George Apartments33built2002
Emerald 2831built2010(1)
Grand Millennium Plaza 230built1998(2)
Fairmount Terrace30built2000(1)
Central Tower26built1996(2)
The Toy House25built1994(1)
Robinson Heights Tower 235built1989
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