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In the SkyscraperPage database, Los Angeles includes buildings in Los Angeles, Marina del Rey and Universal City.

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Wilshire Grand Center62built2017(6)
US Bank Tower71built1990(16)
Aon Center62built1973(21)
Angels Landing Tower A63proposed(1)
Olympia Tower A65proposed(1)
1045 South Olive Street70proposed(2)
Pershing Square Tower53proposed(1)
City National 2CAL Plaza52built1992(16)
Gas Company Tower52built1991(5)
Olympic Tower60proposed(1)
Bank of America Plaza55built1975(13)
777 Tower53built1991(5)
Wells Fargo Center - North Tower54built1983(15)
Figueroa at Wilshire53built1990(3)
Tower at the Bloc53proposed(1)
City National Plaza - South Tower52built1972(9)
City National Plaza - North Tower52built1972(9)
Oceanwide Plaza Tower I49on hold(3)
Ritz-Carlton / Marriott Marquis Los Angeles55built2010(5)
Times Mirror Square53proposed(1)
5700 Wilshire41proposed(1)
Olympia Tower C53proposed(1)
Metropolis Tower D56built2019(3)
FourFortyFour South Flower48built1979(7)
611 Place42built1969(3)
11th & Olive51proposed(1)
New Century Plaza South Tower46built2021(2)
New Century Plaza North Tower46built2021(2)
Hollywood Center West Tower45proposed(1)
8th Grand and Hope45proposed(1)
1000 Hill54under construction(2)
1 CAL Plaza42built1985(8)
1111 Sunset49proposed(1)
Century Plaza Tower Two44built1973(8)
Century Plaza Tower One44built1973(7)
Centro Westlake Tower 144proposed(1)
Century City Center37under construction(1)
820 Olive Street50built2019(2)
Wells Fargo Center - South Tower45built1983(10)
1999 Avenue of the Stars39built1990(2)
Olympia Tower B43proposed(1)
EY Plaza41built1985(4)
8th & Figueroa42under construction(1)
Oceanwide Plaza Tower III40on hold(2)
Oceanwide Plaza Tower II40on hold(2)
The Grand by Gehry44built2022(3)
Mirabel42under construction(1)
1111 South Hill Street43proposed(1)
865 South Figueroa37built1990(3)
Union Bank of California Plaza40built1968(4)
10 Universal City Plaza36built1984(7)
1100 Wilshire36built1986(2)
Fourth & Central Building 244proposed(1)
Angels Landing Tower B42proposed(1)
Times Mirror Square North Tower37proposed(1)
Fox Plaza34built1987(1)
MGM Tower35built2003(2)
10000 Santa Monica40built2017(1)
Terrace Block41proposed(1)
350 South Figuero Street41proposed(1)
The Albany38proposed(1)
The Century41built2009(1)
Fig+Pico Tower A38built2023(1)
1055 West Seventh33built1989(2)
Lake on Wilshire41proposed(1)
12th & Grand37proposed(1)
Los Angeles City Hall28built1927(6)
Equitable Life Building34built1969(5)
Hope+Flower Tower 140built2019(1)
AT&T Center32built1965(2)
Metropolis Tower C40built2018(2)
Wilshire Gate33proposed(1)
PacBell Tower17built1961(2)
Perla on Broadway35built2021(1)
5900 Wilshire32built1971(3)
Metropolis Tower B38built2016(2)
City Market Tower 138proposed
One Wilshire28built1966(3)
Gayley At Wilshire29proposed
2143 East Violet Street36proposed(1)
525 South Spring Street40proposed
SoLA Village South Tower35proposed
The Star22proposed(1)
333 South Hope Street34proposed(1)
Broadway Plaza - MCI Center33built1973(4)
Wilshire Park Place36proposed
Bixel Residences36proposed
Beacon On Hill Tower33proposed
MTA Building27built1995(1)
Crossroads of the World Tower I32proposed(1)
SB Omega40proposed
Circa Tower 236built2018(1)
Circa Tower 136built2018(1)
1900 Avenue of the Stars28built1969(1)
WaterMarke Tower35built2009(2)
Crossroads of the World Tower II31proposed(1)
520 Mateo35under construction(1)
SoLA Village North Tower32proposed
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