Bernal was founded in 1850 and is officially a city since 1960. It was named after Félix Bernal, who donated the land for the construction of the railway station of the same name.

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Berquil VII19built1985(2)
Edificio Lanín16under construction(1)
Mansion Towers 216under construction(1)
Mansion Towers 116under construction(1)
Don Bosco 8515built1995(1)
Belgrano 32815built1971(1)
9 de Julio 6014built1970(1)
Parque Bernal A213built2014(1)
Mirador de Bernal14built2013(1)
Parque Bernal A113built1999(1)
Berquil II14built1981(1)
Parque Bernal B113built1999(1)
Castro Barros 3413built1968(1)
Bernal Concept13built2016(1)
25 de Mayo 4012built2012(1)
Plaza Vista12built2009(1)
Castro Barros 4611built2009(1)
9 de Julio 41611built2008(1)