It was founded in 1666 (the oldest of Buenos Aires Province after Buenos Aires City) and officially became a city in 1916.

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Videla II23built1986(2)
Christopher Columbus Building21built1974(4)
Plaza II20built1979(3)
Carlos Morel School of Fine Arts15built1962(3)
Plaza I20built1979(3)
Mitre Building20built1997(3)
Edificio Florencia18built1983(2)
Torre del Sol18built1990(2)
Alexa II20built1977(3)
Rialmo I18built1974(1)
Moreno 32618built1999(1)
Torre Alvear17built2012(1)
San Martín 64018built1958(1)
Rialmo III18built1978(1)
Rialmo II18built1976(1)
Alfa I17built1996(1)
Senda II18built1972(2)
Torres de Brown 316built2004(1)
Novo III16built2008(1)
Alsina 341/34318built1983(2)
Rivadavia 31317built1970(2)
Ediquil II17built1974(1)
Brown 44817built1983(1)
Torre Garibaldi15built1971(1)
Novo IV15built2007(1)
Maconda IX14built2015(1)
Kilmesi IV17built1973(1)
Horisur II17built1971(1)
Garibaldi 24718built1980(2)
Mirador al Río (Mitre)16built2015(1)
Videla I16built1985(1)
Quilmeño Silver15built2014(1)
Moreno I15built2007(1)
Kilsur II15built2017(1)
Kilmesi VI15built1982(1)
Kilmesi II15built1970(1)
Columbus Palace15built2014(3)
Plaza Tower13built2006(2)
Moreno II16built2009(1)
Alem 11916built1972(1)
Mitre 54115built1976(1)
Garibaldi 29015built1972(1)
Torre San Martín14built2017(1)
Sarmiento Building14built2009(1)
Maconda II14built2009(1)
Terrazas de Quilmes - Torre V16under construction(1)
Terrazas de Quilmes - Torre IV16built2006(1)
Terrazas de Quilmes - Torre III16built2002(1)
Terrazas de Quilmes - Torre II16built2001(1)
Terrazas de Quilmes - Torre I16built1998(1)
Petit II16built2009(1)
Mitre Trescientos2216built2017(2)
Brown 63916built1973(1)
Austral XV16built1997(2)
Torres de Quilmes - Torre 415built1999(1)
Torres de Quilmes - Torre 315built1999(1)
Torres de Quilmes - Torre 215built1999(1)
Torres de Quilmes - Torre 115built1999(1)
Humberto Primo 22515built2013(1)
Olavarría 27714built1998(1)
Alsina 209 - ICBC14built1972(1)
Al 714built2005(1)
N. Videla 32115built1990(1)
Parque II14built1973(1)
Octavio IX14built2011(2)
Moreno 59314built1970(1)
Alfa II14built2002(1)
Piramidal I15built1980(2)
Neptuno XIV15built1974(1)
Alfa IV15built2014(2)
Sarmiento Trescientos2514built2014(1)
Kilmesi III14built1971(1)
Alsina 11314built1971(1)
Torre del Plata13built1977(1)
Garibaldi 20613built1985(1)
Río Palace12built2019(1)
Garbaldi 33516built1975(1)
Pine Tower14built1996(1)
Al 1414built2013(1)
Torre de Brown 213built2000(1)
Torre de Brown 113built2005(1)
Maconda I13built2006(1)
Alvear 33013built2018(1)
Alem 42013built1981(1)
Al 2013built2015(1)
Sarmiento II15under construction(1)
Horizonte I15built2009(1)
Sarmiento 32914built2017(1)
Moreno 66814built1967(1)
Humberto Primo 28414built2018(1)
Galatea III14built1972(1)
Al 1614built2011(1)
Quilmes Building13built1965(1)
Olavarría 7913built1981(1)
Maconda X13built2016(1)
Sarmiento 72815built2015(1)
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