• Named after Edward Banfield.
• It is the most populous city of the district Lomas de Zamora.

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Banfield del Este29built2015(1)
Vergara 154323built2017(1)
Torre Parque Almerias21built2015(1)
Vergara 131521built2013(1)
Alsina 77022under construction(1)
Les Bruyeres - Torre 119built2014(2)
Les Bruyeres - Torre 218built2015(2)
Parque Belgrano17built2000(1)
Edificio Quintus17built2017
Edificio Pueyrredón16built
Banfield Residence16built
Uxmal II14built
Chacabuco 23615built2013(1)
Torre El Lazo13built2012(1)
Torre Atica13built2015
Belgrano 133314built2011(1)