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Ventana al 200017built2000(1)
Torres de Beccar [2]17built1998(1)
Torres de Beccar [1]17built1998(1)
Syrah 236015built2012(1)
Beccar II15built2006
Altos de Beccar16built1993
Syrah 205016built2010
Beccar I15built1998(1)
José Ingenieros 10913built1977
Barrio Padre Acevedo - Torre D12built1978
Barrio Padre Acevedo - Torre C12built1978
Barrio Padre Acevedo - Torre B12built1978
Barrio Padre Acevedo - Torre A12built1978
Torres de la Estación Beccar [2]11built2015
Torres de la Estación Beccar [1]11built2015
Centenario 242711built2012
Centenario 203110built1974