Saenz Pena

Saenz Pena is a town in the Tres de Febrero Partido in Greater Buenos Aires.

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America II14built2017(1)
San Pedro 178015built1984(1)
San Pedro 175015built1984(1)
San Pedro 172015built1977(1)
Reverenda Madre Isabel Fernandez 110015built1978(1)
Nuestra Señora del Carmen 232115built1978(1)
General Paz 5115built1978(1)
General las Heras 242415built1978(1)
San Pedro 148912built1982(1)
San Pedro 143912built1982(1)
Nicolás Avellaneda 248912built1986(1)
Chile 144812built1982(1)
America 62112built2010(1)
Edificio del Centenario12built2010(1)
Chile 143212built2004(1)