The capital of Chiba prefecture. The city was designated by government ordinance in 1992.

Ward list: Chuo-ku, Hanamigawa-ku, Inage-ku, Midori-ku, Mihama-ku, Wakaba-ku

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APA Hotel & Resort Tokyo Bay Makuhari49built1993(1)
Makuhari Bay Park Sky Grand Tower48built2020(1)
World Business Garden Marive West35built1991(1)
World Business Garden Marive East35built1991(2)
Makuhari Bay Park Mid Square Tower43under construction
Chiba Central Tower43built2009(1)
Makuhari New City Center Wakaba Residentia...38under construction
Sumitomo Chemical Engineering Center Building27built1993(1)
Makuhari Bay Park Cross Tower & Residence37built2018(1)
Proud Tower Inage37built2009(1)
mBAY POINT Makuhari26built1993(1)
Chiba Port Square Port Side Tower29built1993(1)
Seiko Instruments Makuhari Headquarters26built1993(1)
Canon Marketing Japan Makuhari26built1994(1)
Aeon Tower26built1994(1)
Makuhari BayTown Central Park West Sea Tower32built2001
Makuhari BayTown Central Park East Makuhar...33built2003
Hotel The Manhattan18built1991
Excellent Tower31under construction
Sencity Building23built1993
Makuhari Techno Garden Building D24built1990(1)
Makuhari Techno Garden Building B24built1990(1)
Park Wellstate Makuhari28under construction
The Makuhari Bayfront Tower & Residence31built2015
Sharp Makuhari Building22built1992
Bay Mark Square - Marina Court Tower30built2000
Bay Mark Square - City Court Tower30built2000
Hotel New Otani Makuhari25built1993
Fujitsu Makuhari Sistem Laboratory20built1992
Chiba Prefecture Office20built1996
Makuhari International Training Center20built1990
Chiba Bank Headquarters Building16built2020
The QUBE Hotel Chiba21built1993
Aeon Tower Annex15built1992
Mitsui Garden Hotel Chiba17built1989
Keisei Hotel Miramare16built2002
Starts Makuhari Building15built1991
Patios Elyst21built2006
Hotel Green Tower Makuhari21built1991
Patios Avance L Building22built2004
Cesar Kemigawahama20built