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The Hashimoto Tower33built2007
Livio Hashimoto Tower - Broad Beans33built2005
Park Square Sagamiono Tower & Residence32built2009
Mid Oasis Tower32built2010
Orarion Site Building 332built2004
Orarion Site Building 232built2004
Station Sky Tower Odakyu Sagamihara29built2013
Proud Tower Sagamihara26built2013
BS Tower Hashimoto Station Front E Tower28built2000
Lions Tower Sagamihara Station Grande28built2010
Grand Tore Hashimoto26built1997
Orarion Site Building 424built2004
Grand Tower Odakyu Sagamihara Le Soleil20built2007
BS Tower Hashimoto Station Front W Tower22built2000
Adenium Tower Sagamihara22built2009
Mid Oasis Towers Residence Building23built2010
Odakyu Sagami-Ono Station Square Building B14built
Orarion Site Building 118built2004
The Winbell Gran Machida20built1997
Amenity Tower Sagamihara19built1992
Leadence Square Sagamihara18built2006
Mewe Hashimoto9built