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Kawaguchi is in the metropolitian area of Tokyo.
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Kawaguchi is a city in southern Saitama. It was founded in 1933. Kawaguchi borders Tokyo to the north, just across the Arakawa River. Due to its location on the major north-south train corridor in Kanto and its proximity to both Tokyo and Saitama city, it is a major residential center.

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Listing 1 to 30 of 30 buildings
Elsa Tower 5555built1998(1)
Ober Tower Kawaguchi Collage34built2006(1)
Livio Tower Kawaguchi M-Do-Li-No32built2006(1)
Elsa Tower 3232built2002(1)
City Duo Tower Kawaguchi31built2006(1)
Camellia Tower Kawaguchi30built2003(1)
Kawaguchi Park Tower31built2001(1)
Sol Crest Kawaguchi30built2006
South Gate Tower Kawaguchi31built2014
East Gate Tower Kawaguchi31built2010
Asahi Environmental Center Incineration Pl...5built
Proud Tower Kawaguchi Cross28under construction
Sky Front Tower Kawaguchi29built1994(1)
Dream Tower Cure Residence31built2007
Park Side Tower Cosmo Kawaguchi Station Front29built2005
Livio Axis Place23built2005
Sky Square Kawaguchi Tower & Residence25built2003
Kawaguchi Lilia15built1990
Sky Mark Tower Kawaguchi23built1994
Ripre Kawaguchi Area 1 Building 125built1992
Lions Plaza Kawaguchi20built2001
Ripre Kawaguchi Area 1 Building 620built
Kawaguchi Center Building15built1994
Ribbon City Residence West Arena20built2006
Ripre Kawaguchi Area 2 Building 114built
Jem Kawaguchi Prime Avenue14built
Park Avenue Kawaguchi - South Building15built
Park Avenue Kawaguchi - North Building15built
Ribbon City Residence East Arena15built2006
Cosmo Kawaguchi Grace Form15built2001