It is a coastal city bordering the north of Busan.
It is the largest industrial city in Korea, which has grown rapidly based on the automobile and heavy industry industries.

Most skyscrapers are residential buildings.
Typical downtown areas are Samsan, Seongnam, and industrial towers.

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Taehwagang Exordium 10254built2010(3)
Taehwagang Exordium 10154built2010(3)
Shinjeong Doosan We've the Zenith B48built2010(2)
Shinjeong Doosan We've the Zenith A48built2010(2)
Taehwagang Pungrim Exllu Tower B43built2011(1)
Taehwagang Pungrim Exllu Tower A43built2011(1)
Lotte Castle Sky41built2009(1)
Daesong Skyrex40built2010(1)
Majes Tower 20240built2010(1)
Majes Tower 20140built2010(1)
Kolon Park Polis39built2009(1)
Taehwa-river Exllu Tower C35built2010(1)
Bluema City KCC Switzen 10447built2019(1)
Bluema City KCC Switzen 10347built2019(1)
Bluema City KCC Switzen 10247built2019(1)
Bluema City KCC Switzen 10147built2019(1)
Gyeongnam Honorsville Signature Officetel39under construction
Bluema City KCC Switzen Residence Hotel34built2019(1)
Munsu-ro Doosan We've the Zenith38under construction
Palais De Sante32built2013(1)
Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Building20built2000(1)
KTX Keuma Dream Palace 10240built2018(1)
KTX Keuma Dream Palace 10140built2018(1)
KTX Keuma Dream Palace 20239built2018(1)
KTX Keuma Dream Palace 20139built2018(1)
Samhwan Art-Nouveau33built2009(1)
Korea National Oil Corporation23built2017(1)
Ulsan KTX New Town Dongmun Good Morning Hi...38built2019(1)
Ulsan KTX New Town Dongmun Good Morning Hi...38built2019(1)
Ulsan KTX New Town Dongmun Good Morning Hi...38built2019(1)
Ulsan KTX New Town Dongmun Good Morning Hi...38built2019(1)
Kukdong Starclass30built2009(1)
Lotte Hotel Ulsan24built2001(1)
Majes Tower 10335built2008(1)
Majes Tower 10235built2008(1)
Majes Tower 10135built2008(1)
World Meridien World City 11036built2011
World Meridien World City 10936built2011
Koaroo Parcvert29built2018(1)
Eileen's Garden 21134built2017(1)
Eileen's Garden 21034built2017(1)
Eileen's Garden 20934built2017(1)
Eileen's Garden 20834built2017(1)
Eileen's Garden 20734built2017(1)
Dongmun Amuty33built2009(1)
Dong-gu Misojium29built2019(1)
Bluema City Prugio phase 2 10736built2015
e-Pyeonhansesang Jeonha 10735built2013
e-Pyeonhansesang Jeonha 10635built2013
e-Pyeonhansesang Jeonha 10335built2013
e-Pyeonhansesang Jeonha 10235built2013
Koaroo The Classic32built2017
Eileen's Garden 11234built2017
Eileen's Garden 11134built2017
Eileen's Garden 10934built2017
Eileen's Garden 10834built2017
Eileen's Garden 10734built2017
Eileen's Garden 10634built2017
Eileen's Garden 10534built2017
Eileen's Garden 10334built2017
Eileen's Garden 10134built2017
Bluema City Prugio phase 2 11035built2015
Bluema City Prugio phase 2 10935built2015
Bluema City Prugio phase 2 10835built2015
Bluema City Prugio phase 2 10235built2015
Bluema City Prugio phase 2 10135built2015
e-Pyeonhansesang Jeonha 10834built2013
e-Pyeonhansesang Jeonha 10434built2013
World Meridien World City 11134built2011
World Meridien World City 10834built2011
Amco Town Eastern Bay 11533built2015
Amco Town Eastern Bay 11433built2015
Amco Town Eastern Bay 11333built2015
Amco Town Eastern Bay 10933built2015
Amco Town Eastern Bay 10833built2015
Amco Town Eastern Bay 10733built2015
Amco Town Eastern Bay 10133built2015
Tower The Most23built2018(1)
Eileen's Garden 20132built2017(1)
Ulsan Central Xi29built2015
Eileen's Garden 20532built2017(1)
Bluema City Prugio phase 2 10633built2015
Bluema City Prugio phase 2 10333built2015
Eileen's Garden 20632built2017(1)
Ulsan Sinjeong Prugio 10533built2012
Ulsan Sinjeong Prugio 10333built2012
Ulsan Sinjeong Prugio 10133built2012
Shinjeong Gwell29built2018
Moonsusan The Sharp 11032built2014
Moonsusan The Sharp 10832built2014
Moonsusan The Sharp 10732built2014
Moonsusan The Sharp 10632built2014
Moonsusan The Sharp 10532built2014
Moonsusan The Sharp 10432built2014
Moonsusan The Sharp 10232built2014
World Meridien World City 11232built2011
Ulsan Daehyun The Sharp 20532built2018
Ulsan Daehyun The Sharp 20432built2018
Ulsan Daehyun The Sharp 20332built2018
Ulsan Daehyun The Sharp 20232built2018
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