Changwon is a city in and the capital of South Gyeongsang Province in South Korea. The city is approximately 40 kilometres (25 miles) west of Busan.

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Metro City 20755built2015(2)
The City 7 Xi 10343built2008(2)
The City 7 Xi 10243built2008(2)
Metro City 20649built2015(1)
Metro City 20449built2015(1)
Metro City 20149built2015(1)
Hillstate Changwon Central A46under construction
Hillstate Changwon Central B45under construction
Hillstate Artium City 10449built2020(1)
Hillstate Artium City 10349built2020(1)
Hillstate Artium City 10249built2020(1)
Hillstate Artium City 10149built2020(1)
Metro City 20248built2015(1)
Metro City 20347built2015(1)
Jungseong-dong High-End City48proposed
Metro City 20544built2015(1)
The City 7 Xi 10435built2008(2)
The City 7 Xi 10135built2008(1)
Unicity Urban Bricks38built2019(1)
Changwon Solar Tower4built2012(1)
Changwon Cantavil Ocean View 10141built2021(1)
Jungdong Unicity 40142built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 30742built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 30642built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 30542built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 20342built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 20242built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 20142built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 11242built2019(1)
Masan Wellmade City27built2019(1)
Sangnam Acro Tower B34built2008(2)
Sangnam Acro Tower A34built2008(1)
Changwon Cantavil Ocean View 10238built2021(1)
Metro City 10939built2009(1)
Jungdong Unicity 40340built2019(1)
Metro City 11439built2009(1)
Jungdong Unicity 41140built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 40440built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 30840built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 30440built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 10540built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 40940built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 10940built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 10140built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 11340built2019(1)
Changwon Cantavil Ocean View 10337built2021(1)
Jungdong Unicity 40239built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 41039built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 31039built2019(1)
Lotte Castle Centum Gold 10439built2023
Jungdong Unicity 40838built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 30938built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 20738built2019(1)
Lotte Castle Centum Gold 10338built2023
Lotte Castle Centum Gold 10238built2023
Lotte Castle Centum Gold 10138built2023
Masan Bay IPARK 10536built2010(1)
Masan Bay IPARK 10436built2010(1)
Masan Bay IPARK 10336built2010(1)
Masan Bay IPARK 10236built2010(1)
Jungdong Unicity 11037built2019(1)
Jungdong Unicity 10837built2019(1)
Rieses Tower18built2004(1)
Lotte Castle Centum Gold 10637built2023
Lotte Castle Centum Gold 10537built2023
Changwon LG Tower2built1988(1)
The City 7 Xi Tower Office22built2008(2)
STX Building21built2010(1)
Metro City 10335built2009(1)
Masan Bay IPARK 10135built2010(1)
Lotte Castle Harbor Palace 10736under construction
Lotte Castle Harbor Palace 10636under construction
Lotte Castle Harbor Palace 10536under construction
Lotte Castle Harbor Palace 10336under construction
Lotte Castle Harbor Palace 10236under construction
Lotte Castle Harbor Palace 10136under construction
Lotte Castle Centum Gold 10736built2023
Cubee Maison De Terrace33built2018(1)
FORENA Daewon 11435built2018
FORENA Daewon 11335built2018
Masan Bay IPARK 10634built2010(1)
Jungdong Unicity 11135built2019(1)
Sanho Kyungdong Leein 10334built2018
Sanho Kyungdong Leein 10234built2018
Sanho Kyungdong Leein 10134built2018
Jungdong Unicity 40734built2019(1)
Busan New Port Dain Royal Palace B21built2020(1)
Busan New Port Dain Royal Palace A21built2020(1)
Jungdong Unicity 30134built2019(1)
LG Electronics Changwon R&D Center20built2017(1)
Jungang Marine Five 10433built2014
Jungang Marine Five 10233built2014
Shinhwa the Flex City23under construction
Activity 99 Towerbuilt2019
Jungdong Unicity 20535built2019(1)
Square B24built2023
Jungang Marine Five 10332built2014
MK Officetel26built2016
Jungdong Unicity 20433built2019(1)
Changwon Metro City Seokjeon 10733built2019
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