It is a satellite city of Changwon located in Gyeongsangnam-do. The main industry is shipbuilding.

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Geoje Jangpyeong Yurim Norway Forest 10149built2017(1)
Geoje Jangpyeong Yurim Norway Forest 10246built2017(1)
Geoje Kyungdong Leein Tower37built2018(1)
Hanwha Resort Geoje Belvedere17built2018(1)
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering &...18built2011(1)
Sonokam Geoje28built2013
Gohyeon e-pyeonhansesang 10525built2015(1)
Gohyeon e-pyeonhansesang 10425built2015(1)
Gohyeon e-pyeonhansesang 10325built2015(1)
Gohyeon e-pyeonhansesang 10225built2015(1)
Gohyeon e-pyeonhansesang 10125built2015(1)
Geoje Elcrew Landmark 10427built2015
Geoje Elcrew Landmark 10327built2015
Geoje Elcrew Landmark 10227built2015
Geoje Elcrew Landmark 10127built2015
Ramada Hotel Geoje20built2018
Rich Tower15built2017(1)
Geoje Ocean View19built2016
Golden Atlantis16built2012
Samsung Geoje Hotel12built2005
Art-Nouveau Suite Hotel12built2016(1)
D Cube Geoje Department Store9built2006