The largest city in Canada, Toronto plays a prominent role as the financial heart of the country. The city is one of the most ethnically diverse in the world and contains the world-famous CN Tower.

From its humble beginnings as a scattered collection of towns and village, most of which still provide a local flavour to their respective areas of the city, Toronto has grown tremendously and continues to grow. The City of Toronto contains a number of skylines, most notable being the CBD-Midtown, North York, and Scarborough.

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Maryon Tower140cancelled
Sapphire Tower88cancelled(8)
Weston Skyscraper75cancelled(1)
Oxford Place West Office/Residential Towercancelled(2)
Oxford Place East Office/Residential Towercancelled(2)
One Bloor81cancelled(7)
Mirvish+Gehry Toronto - Centre Tower86cancelled(1)
Bay-Adelaide Centre57cancelled(2)
Mirvish+Gehry Toronto - West Tower84cancelled(1)
2 Bloor West Tower [1]85cancelled(1)
Mirvish+Gehry Toronto - East Tower82cancelled(1)
Eaton Centre Yonge St. Tower69cancelled(1)
11 Bay St.54cancelled(1)
391 Yonge Street73cancelled
Oxford Place West Hotel Towercancelled(1)
Signature Tower69cancelled(1)
45 Bay Street47cancelled(1)
One Yonge Street Tower 2 (old)76cancelled(1)
2 Bloor West Tower [2]70cancelled(1)
Holt Renfrew Tower71cancelled(1)
Eaton Centre South Bay St. Tower57cancelled(1)
Eaton Centre North Bay St. Tower57cancelled(1)
One Yonge Street Tower 4 (old)69cancelled(1)
21 Avenue Road I58cancelled(1)
156 Front65cancelled(1)
Two Queen West65cancelled(1)
One Bloor East60cancelled(3)
Eatons Tower45cancelled(1)
Daniels Waterfront65cancelled(1)
BCE Place 349cancelled(1)
ROM South46cancelled(1)
Sapphire Tower65cancelled(1)
Graphics Arts Towercancelled(1)
One Yonge Hotel Tower (old)57cancelled(1)
Bay-Adelaide Centre53cancelled(1)
880 Bay Street44cancelled(1)
35 Mercer Street57cancelled(2)
Canada Tower52cancelled(1)
First Parliament Tower 157cancelled(1)
Oxford Place East Hotel Towercancelled(1)
Richmond Adelaide Centre III48cancelled(1)
Richmond-Adelaide Centre III41cancelled(4)
Downtown Plaza55cancelled(1)
335 King West48cancelled(1)
Front Street Data Centre & Tower36cancelled(1)
First Toronto Tower59cancelled(2)
Cumberland Terrace Redevelopment I54cancelled(1)
One Yonge Street Office Tower (old)39cancelled(1)
120 Grangeway 253cancelled(1)
Wynford Gardens - Tower 449cancelled(1)
Cumberland Terrace Re-Development I45cancelled(1)
Brookfield Place III36cancelled(1)
Two City Hall50cancelled(1)
251 Manitoba Street48cancelled(1)
120 Grangeway 150cancelled(1)
117 Blue Jays Way II47cancelled(1)
120 Grangeway 348cancelled(1)
95 King East47cancelled(1)
Menkes Corporate Drive II45cancelled(1)
200 Queen's Quay West 241cancelled(1)
67 St. Nicholas Street44cancelled(1)
21 Avenue Road 140cancelled(1)
120 Grangeway 445cancelled(1)
46 Charlotte41cancelled(1)
Church and Wellesley39cancelled(1)
119 Blue Jays Way42cancelled(1)
ORCA Residential 641cancelled
ORCA Residential 541cancelled(1)
ORCA Residential 441cancelled(1)
21 Widmer Street25cancelled(1)
One Yonge Street Tower 3 (old)41cancelled(1)
Bridletowne Mall (old)38cancelled(1)
419 Bremner Boulevard43cancelled(1)
Tux Condominiums40cancelled(1)
70 Colborne Street39cancelled(1)
Menkes Corporate Drive III40cancelled(1)
Eaton Centre Dundas St. Tower32cancelled(1)
120 Grangeway 2B40cancelled(1)
199 Richmond West (old)39cancelled(1)
Cumberland Terrace Re-Development II36cancelled(1)
27 Heath Street East I37cancelled(1)
44 Eglinton West39cancelled(2)
Menkes Corporate Drive IV36cancelled(1)
Menkes Corporate Drive I36cancelled(1)
27 Heath Street East II32cancelled(1)
Grand Park Village - Building F32cancelled(1)
412 Church34cancelled(1)
Trinity Ravine Towers West35cancelled(1)
99 Erskine Avenue35cancelled(1)
Scarborough Centre Development I37cancelled(1)
89 Avenue Road28cancelled(1)
1000 Bay32cancelled(1)
25 Defries Street 231cancelled(1)
120 Grangeway 631cancelled(1)
100 Davenport29cancelled(1)
Centrium I29cancelled(1)
One Yonge Street 522cancelled(1)
580 Evans Avenue - West Tower29cancelled(1)
West Village [4]26cancelled(1)
Cherry Place29cancelled(1)
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