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Vaughan is in the metropolitian area of Toronto.
• Brampton
• Markham
• Mississauga
• Pickering
• Richmond Hill
• Toronto


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7028 Yonge 365proposed(1)
Transit City 664proposed(1)
72 Steeles W 160proposed(1)
7800 Jane 160proposed(1)
CG Tower61under construction(1)
Festival 159under construction(1)
7551 Jane 158proposed(1)
3300 Hwy. 7 Building 158proposed(1)
Park Pace 156proposed(1)
72 Steeles W 256proposed(1)
Transit City Condos 355built2021(1)
Festival 255under construction(1)
7028 Yonge 252proposed(1)
7028 Yonge 152proposed(1)
7551 Jane 355proposed(1)
3300 Hwy. 7 Building 255proposed(1)
Icona Condos 255proposed(1)
Icona Condos 155proposed(1)
Transit City Condominiums 255built2021(1)
Transit City Condominiums 155built2021(1)
2600 Steeles W D253proposed
2600 Steeles W D153proposed
2600 Steeles W C253proposed
2600 Steeles W C153proposed
2600 Steeles W B253proposed
2600 Steeles W B153proposed
2600 Steeles W A253proposed
2600 Steeles W A153proposed
100 Steeles W 154proposed(1)
88 Steeles W 152proposed
TC450under construction(1)
Festival Condos Phase 2 A50proposed(1)
7800 Jane 250proposed(1)
7551 Jane 450proposed(1)
7551 Jane 250proposed(1)
Park Place 248proposed(1)
2901 Hwy. 7 E49proposed(1)
100 Steeles W 249proposed
216 Doughton 149proposed(1)
7551 Jane 548proposed(1)
Festival 346under construction(1)
TC545under construction(1)
216 Doughton 247proposed(1)
SmartCentres Vaughan 545proposed(1)
SmartCentres Vaughan 145proposed(1)
Icona Condos 346proposed(1)
2901 Hwy. 7 E44proposed(1)
180 Steeles Ave. W 144proposed(1)
7887 Weston Rd. 144proposed(1)
Festival 440under construction(1)
180 Steeles Ave. W 240proposed(1)
Artwalk Condos38proposed(1)
88 Steeles W 240proposed
7887 Weston Rd. 240proposed(1)
2851 Hwy. 7 [1]37proposed(1)
Nord West at Expo City40built2020(1)
Nord East at Expo City40built2020(1)
TC Rental35under construction
7887 Weston Rd. 336proposed(1)
Expo City II37built2017(1)
Expo City I37built2016(1)
Promenade Park Towers [2]35under construction(1)
VMC Office26proposed(1)
Centro Square East33built2018(1)
The Met30built2020(1)
Centro Square West30built2018(1)
Promenade Park Towers [1]30under construction(1)
7887 Weston Rd. 429proposed(1)
Abeja District Condominiums II30under construction(1)
Abeja District Condominiums I27under construction(1)
1890 Hwy.7 C27proposed(1)
1890 Hwy. 7 B27proposed(1)
1890 Hwy. 7 A27proposed(1)
Park Avenue Place I23built2021(1)
Charisma Condos26under construction
Abeja District Condominiums III26under construction(1)
Park Avenue Place 322proposed(1)
The Thornhill I25under construction
Park Avenue Place II20built2021(1)
Legacy Park Condominiums25built2017
Charisma Condos 224under construction
SXSW I22under construction
Vista at Thornhill City Centre22built2008
7800 Jane Office17proposed(1)
Central Park Condominiums East18built2010
KPMG Tower14built2016
SXSW 219under construction
Mobilio 218under construction
Central Park Condominiums West16built2010
D'or Condominiums 220under construction
Bellaria Residences III17built2011
The Beverley18built2006
Skyrise on Yonge II20built1991
Bellaria Residences IV17built2014
The Mackenzie15built2022
Promenade Park South19built2009
Skyrise on Yonge I20built1991
Fountains at Thornhill City Centre I18built2014
Bellaria Residences II16built2008
Bellaria Residences I16built2008
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