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Mississauga is in the metropolitian area of Toronto.
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Mississauga, incorporated in 1974, is a city in Southern Ontario located in the Regional Municipality of Peel, and in the western part of the Greater Toronto Area. With a population of just over 710,000, it is Canada's sixth-most populous municipality, and has almost doubled in population in each of the last two decades. Mississauga's growth reached a peak between the census years of 1986-1991, with the largest population growth in Canada (89,500). Sustained population growth has continued since, but at a somewhat slower pace. Mississauga is now the fourth most populous city on the Great Lakes, surpassing both cities of Milwaukee and Cleveland over the last decade.

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M3 @ M City77under construction(1)
Exchange District South A72proposed(1)
M4 @ M City67proposed(1)
Burnhamthorpe & Kariya Gate 165proposed(1)
180 Burnhamthorpe 165proposed(1)
325 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W 165proposed
Ex160under construction(1)
M City - M260under construction(1)
M City - M160under construction(1)
Exchange District South C60proposed(1)
Exchange DIstrict South B60proposed(1)
325 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W 262proposed
Burnhamthorpe & Kariya Gate 255proposed(1)
325 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W 359proposed
Absolute World South56built2012(2)
325 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W 457proposed
Edge Towers 155under construction(2)
4220 Living Arts Dr. 352proposed(1)
325 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W 552proposed
Avia - PSV50under construction(1)
PSV Residences48built2017(1)
Absolute World North50built2012(1)
Pinnacle Grand Park II49built2017(1)
4220 Living Arts Dr. 148under construction(1)
Watergarden North 150proposed(1)
Watergarden 150proposed(1)
180 Burnhamthorpe 245proposed(1)
Hurontario - Eglinton 145proposed(1)
The Grand Residences45built2014(1)
Exchange District South D45proposed(1)
Hurontario - Eglinton 245proposed(1)
One Park Tower38built2008(1)
PSV Residences II42built2018(1)
30 Queen E42proposed(1)
3606 Hurontario II43proposed(1)
Wesley Tower42built2021(1)
Edge Towers 240under construction(3)
30 Queen E 240proposed(1)
91 Eglinton E 137proposed(1)
3480 Hurontario40proposed(1)
Avia II38under construction(1)
Edge Towers 335proposed(2)
The Capital North31built2006(1)
The Capital South30built2006(1)
Hurontario - Eglinton 337proposed(1)
Watergarden North 238proposed(1)
The Park Residences36built2014(1)
1 Fairview E36proposed(1)
The Residences36built2013(1)
Chicago Condominiums36built2010(1)
91 Eglinton E 335proposed(1)
91 Eglinton E 235proposed(1)
Solstice at Citygate37built2008(1)
4220 Living Arts Dr. 437under construction(1)
Onyx at Citygate35built2010(1)
86 Dundas East35proposed(1)
4220 Living Arts Dr. 236proposed(1)
Citygate East35built2006(2)
Citygate West34built2005(2)
The Park Mansion36built1990(1)
Vision at Absolute City Centre35built2009(1)
185 Enfield34under construction(1)
Perla at Pinnacle Uptown II34built2021(1)
4220 Living Arts Dr. 535proposed(1)
Watergarden 235proposed(1)
Eve at Eden Park32built2009(1)
Canopy Towers33under construction(1)
Elle at Eden Park31built2010(1)
Block 9 South Tower34built2020(1)
Grand Ovation34built2007(1)
Eden Park33built2007(1)
Limelight Condominiums II32built2012(1)
Mississauga Square33built2021(1)
Ultra Ovation32built2010(1)
Skymark West II34built2002(1)
Skymark West I34built2001(1)
No. 1 City Centre East31built2004
A2 at Absolute City Centre31built2007(1)
Pinnacle Grand Park I28built2014(1)
Crystal at Pinnacle Uptown I28built2015
Watergarden 330proposed
Ovation at City Centre I31built2005(2)
No. 1 City Centre West29built2004
Ex Rental30under construction
Place IV at Kaneff Place34built1981(1)
Ovation at City Centre II31built2004(2)
Gordon Woods Tower [1]29proposed
91 Eglinton E 425proposed(1)
Crystal at Pinnacle Uptown II25built2015
Absolute City Centre I27built2007
Kindred Condominiums 125under construction
91 Eglinton E 524proposed(1)
Amber at Pinnacle Uptown I26built2019
West Tower at Daniels Erin Mills25built2017
Skyrise at Daniels Erin Mills25built2016
Lynwood Lane29built1976(1)
The Palace at Granite Gates24built2002(2)
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