Tokyo was founded in 1457 under the name Edo and was a quiet town with a small population. This changed in 1603 when the Tokugawa Shogunate moved the seat of government to Edo. As a result the population increased substantially. After the collapse of the shogunate in 1868 and the establishment of a modern national government, the emperor took up official residence in Edo and moved the capital to Edo from Kyoto. The city was renamed Tokyo, meaning “Eastern Capital,” to reflect the change.

Tokyo was a regular city like any other in Japan until 1943, when the prefectural and municipal governments were merged. Because of this, Tokyo is not technically a city but rather an entire prefecture made up of 23 special independent wards, 26 additional cities and towns, and several islands stretching as far as 350 km out into the Pacific Ocean. The head of the municipal government is located in Shinjuku Ward, and provides prefectural administration over the cities and islands, as well as limited municipal administration for the shared services of the 23 wards, such as water, sewage, and fire services. Each of the 23 wards has its own government administration and is more or less analogous to an independent city, complete with an elected mayor.

Note that this page represents only the 23 special wards of Tokyo, and none of the other cities in Tokyo prefecture.

Total Area of the 23 wards: 621.49 km²

Ward List: Adachi-ku, Arakawa-ku, Itabashi-ku, Edogawa-ku, Ota-ku, Katsushika-ku, Kita-ku, Koto-ku, Shinagawa-ku, Shibuya-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Suginami-ku, Sumida-ku, Setagaya-ku, Taito-ku, Chuo-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Toshima-ku, Nakano-ku, Nerima-ku, Bunkyo-ku, Minato-ku, Meguro-ku

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Tokyo Sky Tree32built2012(5)
Azabudai Hills Mori JP Tower64built2023(2)
Toranomon Hills Station Tower49built2023(1)
Toranomon Hills52built2014(3)
Tokyo Tower6built1958(5)
Midtown Tokyo54built2007(3)
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 148built1991(8)
Tokyo Midtown Yaesu45built2022(1)
NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building27built2000(4)
Sunshine 6060built1978(4)
Roppongi Hills Mori Tower54built2003(5)
Shinjuku Park Tower52built1994(3)
Tokyo Opera City Tower54built1996(4)
Sumitomo Roppongi Grand Tower40built2016(2)
Shibuya Scramble Square47built2019(2)
Tokyu Kabukicho Tower48built2023(1)
Shinjuku Mitsui Building55built1974(6)
Shinjuku Center Building54built1979(6)
Toranomon Hills Residential Tower54built2022(1)
Saint Luke's Tower47built1994(3)
Shiodome City Center43built2003(3)
Tokyo Mita Garden Tower42built2023(1)
Dentsu Headquarters Building48built2002(3)
Tokiwabashi Tower38built2021(2)
Shinjuku Sumitomo Building52built1974(3)
Tokyo World Gate Akasaka43built2024(1)
Toshima Incineration Plant11built1999(2)
The Park House Nishishinjuku Tower 6060built2017(1)
Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba39built2020(1)
Ark Hills Sengokuyama Mori Tower47built2012(1)
Akasaka Intercity AIR38built2017(1)
GranTokyo North Tower43built2007(2)
GranTokyo South Tower42built2007(2)
Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower50built2008(3)
Shinjuku Nomura Building50built1978(4)
Izumi Garden Tower45built2002(2)
Sompo Japan Headquarters43built1976(4)
Otemachi One Tower40built2020(1)
JP Tower38built2012(2)
Yomiuri Shimbun Building33built2013(2)
Otemachi Tower38built2014(2)
Shin Marunouchi Building38built2007(1)
World Trade Center Building South Tower39built2021(2)
Sumitomo Fudosan Shinuku Grand Tower40built2011(2)
Harumi Island Triton Square Tower X44built2001(2)
Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower39built2005(3)
Park Tower Kachidoki South58built2023
Sanno Park Tower44built2000(2)
Nittele Tower32built2003(2)
The Tokyo Towers Sea Tower58built2008(2)
The Tokyo Towers Mid Tower58built2008(2)
Kachidoki View Tower55built2010(2)
Tokyo Midtown Hibiya35built2018(1)
Tomihisa Cross Comfort Tower55built2015(2)
Acty Shiodome56built2004(1)
Shinjuku I-Land Tower44built1995(2)
Owl Tower52built2011(1)
Brillia Tower Ikebukuro49built2015(1)
Okura Prestige Tower38built2019(1)
Atago Green Hills42built2001(2)
Capital Gate Place53built2015(1)
Toranomon Hills Business Tower36built2019(1)
Cerulean Tower41built2001(2)
Shinjuku Oak Tower38built2002(2)
Shibuya Hikarie33built2012(1)
Branz Tower Toyosu48built2021(1)
River City 21 Century Park Tower54built1999(2)
msb Tamachi Station Tower N36built2020(2)
Proud Tower Shinonome Canal Court52built2013(1)
NEC Super Tower44built1990(2)
Shibuya Sakura Stage Shibuya Side39built2023
Tokyo World Gate38built2020(1)
JA Building37built2009(2)
Shibuya Stream36built2018(1)
Kioi Tower36built2016(1)
Tokyo Nihonbashi Tower35built2015(1)
Urban Dock Park City Toyosu Tower A52built2008(1)
Keio Plaza Hotel47built1971(3)
Sumitomo Fudosan Mita Twin Building West43built2006(1)
Akasaka Biz Tower39built2008(2)
Marunouchi Building37built2002(2)
Kachidoki The Tower53built2016(1)
W-Comfort Towers East Tower54built2004(1)
Park Tower Harumi48built2019(1)
Marunouchi Trust Tower Main Building37built2008(1)
Otemachi Place West Tower35built2018(1)
Toyosu Bayside Cross Tower36built2020(1)
Deux Tours West Tower51built2015(1)
Deux Tours East Tower51built2015(1)
Otemachi Financial City South Tower35built2012(1)
Nihonbashi Takashimaya Mitsui Building32built2018(1)
Shiodome Media Tower34built2003(3)
Kasumigaseki Common Gate West Building38built2007(2)
Harumi Island Triton Square Tower Y40built2000(2)
Tokyo Shiodome Building37built2005(1)
Park Axis Aoyama 1-chome Tower46built2007(1)
Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Shiodome38built2003(3)
City Towers Toyosu The Twin North Tower50built2009(1)
Kyobashi Edogrand32built2016(1)
Marunouchi Park Building35built2009(2)
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