Osaka is at the root of Japanese history. It the second largest metro region in Japan after Tokyo, and an important commercial capital, due to the high number of merchant class citizens who lived there in the past. Founded in the year 683, it is considered to be the original landing point of Japanese in Japan.

It became a city designated by government ordinance on September 1st, 1956.

Ward List: Asahi-ku, Abeno-ku, Ikuno-ku, Kita-ku, Konohana-ku, Joto-ku, Suminoe-ku, Sumiyoshi-ku, Taisho-ku, Chuo-ku, Tsurumi-ku, Tennoji-ku, Naniwa-ku, Nishi-ku, Nishinari-ku, Nishi-Yodogawa-ku, Higashinari-ku, Higashi-Sumiyoshi-ku, Higashi-Yodogawa-ku, Hirano-ku, Fukushima-ku, Minato-ku, Miyakojima-ku, Yodogawa-ku

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Imperial Hotel Osaka24built1996(1)
Osaka Stock Exchange Building24built2004(1)
Bell Park City Building J36built1989(1)
Bell Park City Building G36built1987(1)
Residence Umeda Laurel Tower35built2009
Residence Tower Uehommachi35built2009
Osaka Ministry of Justice Building24built2001(1)
The Com's City Twin Towers D Tower35built2003
Chayamachi East Area Urban Redevelopment31built2009
Chayamachi East Area Urban Redevelopment31built2009
Hotel Nikko Osaka32built1982(1)
Hyatt Regency Osaka28built1994
The Westin Osaka28built1993
The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios ...28built2015
Keyence Corporation Head Office Research C...21built1994
Osaka Station Front 4th Building25built1981(1)
NTT Data Dojima Building25built1974
Daibiru Honkan Building22built2013(1)
Royal Ark Grande Air Tower31built2004
Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka30built1973
Urban Life Midosuji Hommachi Tower33built2007
Tower The Uemachidai31built2008
Seiwa Umeda Building21built2015
Laurel Square Osaka Bay Tower32built2007
Classy Tower Minamisemba32built2015
Refresh Temma28built2005
OAP Residence Tower West30built1998
OAP Residence Tower East30built1998
Apple Tower Osaka Tanimachi32built2006
Cadenza The Tower31built1992
Sanctus Tower Shinsaibashi Milano Grande33built2006
Daiwa House Osaka Building23built1999
Grand Cube Osaka13built1999(1)
Laurel Square Miyakojima Prime Tower33built2001
Central Residence Tennoji City Tower29built2003
Osaka Mitsui Bussan Building23built1999
Chuo Odori FN Building24built1997
Grand Maison Kyomachibori Tower30built2009
Shimizudani House27built2007
Takami Floral Town 7-1631built1992
Abeno A1 Area Urban Redevelopment Project ...24built2010
Abeno A1 Area Redevelopment A1-2 Building24built2010
Osaka Mode Gakuen21built1999(1)
City Tower Horie32built2005
Chaska Chayamachi23built2010(1)
The Com's City Twin Towers C Tower31built2003
Urban Chayamachi Project23built2009
Takami Floral Town 7-1531built1989
King Mansion Tenjimbashi II30built1998
The Hilton Plaza West20built2004(1)
Hilton Plaza West20built2004
NTT Telepark Dojima Building 219built2002
Dojima AVANZA23built1999(1)
Mainichi Intecio21built2007
Laurel Court Namba28built2001
Maruito OBP Building22built
Nakanoshima Intes22built
SORA Shin-Osaka 2121built1994
Laxa Osaka / Hotel Hanshin24built
D'Granse Uemachidai High Residence28built2009
Shin-Fujita Building21built
Hotel Kintetsu Universal City25built
Umeda Gate Tower40built2009
Mainichi Broadcasting System New Building15built2013
Aqua Dojima West19built1995
Aqua Dojima East19built1995
Elgrace Tower Osaka Doshin25built2016
Miyako Hotel Osaka25built1985
Nippon Life Insurance Company New East Bui...15built2015
Cosmosquare International Education and Tr...21built
Mainichi Broadcasting System Building15built1990(1)
Bay City Osaka Center Plaza20built
Hotel New Otani Osaka18built1986(1)
Gate Tower Building16built1992(1)
River Garden Minato18built2003
Gran Sanctus Yodoyabashi13built2013(1)
HEP Five11built1998(1)
Osaka Castle8built1931(1)
Maishima Sludge Centerbuilt2000
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