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Metropolitian Area Cities
Kobe is in the metropolitian area of Osaka.
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Akashi Kaikyo Bridgebuilt1998(3)
City Tower Kobe Sannomiya54built2013(1)
Mikage Tower Residence47built2010(1)
Kansai Electric Power Kobe Office18built2000(2)
ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Kobe37built1988(1)
D'Grafort Kobe Sannomiya Tower42built2005(2)
G-Clef Shinkobe Tower42built2009(1)
Sannomiya Museum Tower40built2008
East Court 340built1990
Hotel Okure Kobe35built1989(1)
Kobe Crystal Tower32built1993(3)
Kobe City Hall30built1989(1)
Sun City Tower Kobe35built2017
Asia One Center31built1993(2)
Kobe Arts Center37built2008(1)
TOA Yamate The Kobe Tower35built2008
The Parkhouse Kobe Harborland Tower36built2015
West Court 338built1993(1)
Welv Rokkomichi 133built2003
Lions Tower Kobe Motomachi33built2009
Rokko Island City Central Tower32built1992
Kobe Sannomiya Hankyu Building29built2021
Brillia Tower Kobe Motomachi37built2010
Canal Town Center34built1997
Canal Town West37built1999
NTT West Japan Kobe Central Building24built2000(1)
Kobe Harbor Tower35built2013(1)
World Headquarters Building27built1984(1)
The Parkhouse Kobe Tower33built2019
Kobe International House22built1999
Suma Coast Tower36built2009(1)
Urban Life Kobe Sannomiya The Tower34built2009
HAT Kobe Nadanohama 233built1999
Asuta Shinnagata Towers Court 329built2004
Kobe Asahi Building26built1994(1)
Kobe Portopia Hotel31built1981(1)
Welv Rokkomichi 230built2000
Hyogo Prefectural Police Headquarters23built1997
Kobe Commerce,Industry and Trade Center Bu...26built1969(1)
HAT Kobe Wakinohama Tower 1833built1999
La Forte Kobe Central 234built1994
Kobe Port Towerbuilt1963(1)
Pifre Shinnagata27built1998
Promena Kobe18built1992
Wakohre Kobe Nada Tower32built2006
Kilala Sumiyoshi27built2001
HAT Kobe Nadanohama 131built1999
Suma Park Hills C Tower Cygnus33built1992
Asuta Plaza West26built2005
Tio Maiko26built2001
Canal Town East30built1996
Kobe Harborland Center Building23built1992
Proud Tower Sumiyoshi29built2012
Bay City Tower Kobe West27built2023
Bay City Tower Kobe East27under construction
Kobe Hydrogen Power Plantbuilt
Sumiyoshigawa River Side Forum The Residence28built2013
NTT West Japan, Hyogo Branch, Minatojima A...2built
Proud Tower Kobe Kenchomae28built2012
City Tower Gran Suma Takatori30built2007
Elgrace Kobe Sannomiya Tower Stage29built2009
Harborland Dia Nissei Building21built1992
Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers21built1992
Mint Kobe18built2006
View Tower Sumiyoshikan27built1999
Sannomiya Center Plaza East Building19built1975
The Urbanex Tower Kobe Motomachidori27built2016
Kobe Information and Culture Building18built1996
East Court 828built1995
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Kobe Building18built1987
Lions Tower Kobe Kyukyoryuchi27built2006
Elegario Kobe25built2005
BB Plaza Kobe16built2003
Tokyu Plaza Shinnagata25built1977(1)
Oak Square Seishin Chuo 725built1993
Oak Square Seishin Chuo 625built1993
Hotel Plaza Kobe19built1998
Belista Kobe Kyukyoryuchi26built2011
Oriental Hotel Kobe17built2010
Portopia Plaza H25built1985
Portopia Plaza C25built1984
Portopia Plaza B25built1988
Portopia Plaza A25built1989
The Residence Kobe Motomachidori24built2014
Hotel Crown Palais Kobe17built1992
Sannomiya Building South16built1999(1)
Kobe Park City A24built1984
HAT Kobe Wakinohama Tower 222built1999
Hyogo Ekimae Building21built1973
Laurel Heights Kobe Tower 124built1999
La Tour Rokko E21built2000
Asuta Shinnagata Towers Court 621built2002
Asuta Shinnagata Towers Court 221built2002
Sumitomo Rubber Industries Kobe Building14built1994
Grankorina Seishin Minami 1022built1996
Kobe Portopia Hotel South Wing15built
Kaigan Building15built1998(1)
Port Island Hospital11built1981
Sannomiya Building North13built2015(1)
Ariston Hotel Kobe16built1992
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