Osaka is at the root of Japanese history. It the second largest metro region in Japan after Tokyo, and an important commercial capital, due to the high number of merchant class citizens who lived there in the past. Founded in the year 683, it is considered to be the original landing point of Japanese in Japan.

It became a city designated by government ordinance on September 1st, 1956.

Ward List: Asahi-ku, Abeno-ku, Ikuno-ku, Kita-ku, Konohana-ku, Joto-ku, Suminoe-ku, Sumiyoshi-ku, Taisho-ku, Chuo-ku, Tsurumi-ku, Tennoji-ku, Naniwa-ku, Nishi-ku, Nishinari-ku, Nishi-Yodogawa-ku, Higashinari-ku, Higashi-Sumiyoshi-ku, Higashi-Yodogawa-ku, Hirano-ku, Fukushima-ku, Minato-ku, Miyakojima-ku, Yodogawa-ku

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Abeno Harukas60built2014(2)
Osaka World Trade Center55built1995(4)
The Kitahama54built2009(2)
X-Tower Osaka Bay54built2006(2)
ORC 20051built1993(2)
Nakanoshima Festival Tower West Area41built2017(1)
Nakanoshima Festival Tower East Area39built2013(1)
KEPCO Headquarters41built2004(2)
The Parkhouse Nakanoshima Tower54built2017(1)
Umeda Sonezaki Project52under construction(1)
Herbis Osaka40built1997(1)
Osaka Hibikino Machi - The Sanctus Tower53built2015(1)
Umeda Hankyu Building Replacement Plan41built2010(1)
Grand Front Osaka Block A38built2013(1)
City Tower Nishi-Umeda50built2007(1)
The Tower Osaka50built2008(1)
OAP Tower39built1994(2)
Grand Front Osaka Block B South Tower38built2013(1)
Breezé Tower34built2008(1)
Grand Front Osaka Block C48built2013(1)
Umeda Sky Building40built1993(4)
City Tower Osaka50built2004(2)
Branz Tower Umeda Kita Project50under construction
ORC Prio Tower50built1993(2)
City Tower Gran Tennoji43built2007(1)
Applause Tower Osaka34built1992(1)
Osaka Fukushima Tower45built2011(2)
Nakanoshima Dai Building35built2009(1)
Twin 21 MID Tower38built1986(2)
TWIN 21 - OBP Panasonic Tower38built1986(2)
OBP Castle Tower38built1986(2)
Crystal Tower37built1990(3)
Meiji-Yasuda Seimei Umeda Building30built2000(2)
City Tower Osaka Temma The River & Parks45built2009(1)
Geo Tower Tenroku44built2013(1)
The Namba Tower Residence in Namba Parks46built2007
Yodoyabashi Apple Tower Residence46built2007(1)
The Fine Tower Umeda Toyosaki45under construction
D'Grafort Osaka N.Y Tower Higobashi46built2008(1)
Yodobashi Umeda Tower34under construction
JR Osaka Station New North Building28built2011(1)
Namba Parks Tower31built2003(3)
Shin-Shin Daibiru31built2015(1)
The Umeda Tower43built2005(1)
Shin Nankai Kaikan Building30under construction
HERBIS ENT Tower28built2004(1)
SwissĂ´tel Nankai Osaka36built1990(1)
Mizuno Crystal Building31built1992(1)
Kitahama The Tower43under construction
City Tower Umeda Higashi44built2016(1)
Wellith Uehommachi Laurel Tower41built2008
King Square The Tower Landlex41built2006
Abeno Grand Tour40built2004(1)
Maruito Namba Building31built2009
Laurel Tower Sanctus Umeda44built2007(1)
Joto-ku Nagata 3-chome Plan40proposed
King Mansion Dojimagawa43built1998(1)
Nakanoshima Mitsui Building31built2002(1)
Osaka Chuo-ku - Koraibashi 2-Chome Project42under construction
Sumitomo Seimei Nakanoshima Building29built2005(1)
Renaissa Namba Tower38built2006(1)
Dojima The Residence Mark Tower39built2013
The Hilton Osaka Yoshimoto Building34built1986(1)
Edobori Center Building22built1996(1)
Algrad Higashi-Shinsaibashi Mansion37built2009
Elsa Grace Horie Tower38built2007
Sakuranomiya River City Water Tower Plaza41built1992(1)
Hotel Nikko Bayside Osaka33built2002(1)
River Country Garden Kyobashi41built1999(1)
NHK Osaka Hall18built2001(1)
Beall Osaka Otemae Tower40built2007
Umeda Center Building32built1987(1)
Branz Tower Midosuji Honmachi38built2017
Nissei Dowa Kasai Sompo Phoenix Tower29built1995(1)
Laurel Tower Namba39built2005
Orix Nishi-Hommachi 1-chome Building29built2011(1)
Grande Maison Shin Umeda Tower39under construction
Osaka Fukoku Seimei Building28built2010(1)
Symbol Tower40built1999
Hommachi Garden City27built2009(1)
Zenith Osaka39built2003
Osaka Station North Area C North Block33proposed
Pias Tower28built1996(1)
Osaka-Ekimae Daisan Building34built1979(2)
Premist Tower Osaka Shinmachi Laurel Court38under construction
Laurel Tower Umeda38built2008
City Tower Osaka Fukushima37built2009
Umeda DT Tower27built2003(2)
Telehouse Osaka 220built2015
Classy Tower Yodoyabashi35built2015
Hankyu Grand Building32built1977(2)
Momozaka Comfo Garden Uehommachi Hills Mark37built2007
Osaka Kokusai Building32built1973(1)
Branz Tower Wellith Shinsaibashi NORTH36built2016
Matsushita IMP Building26built1990(1)
Josho Gakuen Umeda Campus23built2016
Viequ Tower Osaka35built2006
Osaka Maru Building30built1976(2)
Lions Mansion Osaka Sky Tower35built2004
Nakanoshima Center Building31built1975(1)
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