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Metropolitian Area Cities
Keelung is in the metropolitian area of Taipei.
• New Taipei
• Taipei
• Taoyuan


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Listing 1 to 28 of 28 buildings
Crown Commercial Building33built2001(3)
Glory Tower31built2008(2)
The Castle Down Town22built2015(1)
Royal Private City Garden II24built2014(1)
Century Landmark25built2009(1)
Evergreen Laurel Hotel Keelung19built1998(1)
Blue Sea Optimus South23built1996(1)
Blue Sea Optimus North23built1996(1)
Royal Private City Garden I18built2013(1)
Land Bank of Taiwan Keelung Branch15built2000(1)
The Villa Garden15built2017(1)
Song Ding Yuan C15built2013(1)
Song Ding Yuan B15built2013(1)
Song Ding Yuan A15built2013(1)
Purity Is Pretty15built2020(1)
Perfect Life Dream Home15built2018(1)
Picturesque Landscapes15built2018(1)
New Yokohama-Hoshino Uphill15built2022(1)
New Yokohama-Hoshino Downhill15built2022(1)
Liudu Shou Xi15built2013(1)
Da Di You Long 22-2614built1995(1)
Da Di You Long 2014built1995(1)
Park Jingzhan13built2015(1)
Yong Xing Fu13built2017(1)
Protech Systems' Factory9built2015(1)
Cheng Pin Fu Ding10built2018(1)