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New Taipei is in the metropolitian area of Taipei.
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New Taipei

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Far Eastern Mega Tower50built2013(4)
Neo Sky Dome46built2010(2)
Farglory 95rich42built2017(1)
Chicony Electronics Headquarters39built2015(2)
Bank of Pansin34built2010(3)
U-Town tower B39built2014(1)
U-Town tower C37built2018
Sunland 4141built2020(1)
Water Cube40built2012(2)
U-Town tower D35built2018
U-Town tower A35built2014(1)
Tuntex Highrise Building42built1998(2)
Bali Incinerator Chimneybuilt1998(1)
Blue Ocean38built2010(1)
Skyline City36built1999(1)
Bridge Upto Zenith37built2012(1)
Taipei Sky Dome Towers37built2005(2)
Banqiao Caesar Hotel31built2017
New Taipei City Government34built2002(3)
Taipei No.137built2008(1)
The View36built2000(1)
Chicony Star Residential Building35built2019(1)
Kindom Shizhengting31built2020(1)
Ellipse 360 Tower38built2012(1)
Skyline B36built2014(1)
Skyline A36built2014(1)
An-Tai Tower31built(2)
Taiwan Research Institude Building30built2002(1)
Top Life30built2010(1)
Huang Xiang Empire29built2010(1)
YeaShin Sky Tree C33built2017(1)
YeaShin Sky Tree A,B33built2017(1)
Jun Pin Yuan31built2014(1)
International Star Diamond Tower30built2003(1)
Modesty Home26built2013(1)
The Ace36built2021(1)
Sky City34built2000(2)
Sheng Yang Li Du35built1997(2)
Ruentex Taipei Continental29built1988(1)
Xindian Incinerator Chimneybuilt1994(1)
Jiang Shan Wanli36built1996(1)
Shulin Incinerator Chimneybuilt1992(1)
Cheng Loong Plaza28built1995(1)
Banchiau Railway Station27built2000(1)
China Rebar33built1997(1)
Bi Lian Tian28built2009(1)
Kindom Chungzindian30built2020(1)
Chingtien Double Star32built1992(1)
Pearl of the Orient28built2009(1)
Lyra Community29built2001(1)
Ever Glory PARK B29built2018(1)
Ever Glory PARK A29built2018(1)
Live Here - Forever27built2021(1)
Alps Mansion31built1996(3)
Vantone Taipei 2011 B29built2014(1)
Vantone Taipei 2011 A29built2014(1)
Ocean Spring29built2007(1)
Elite Tower27built2019(1)
Tatung Smart Manor Phase127built2019(1)
Huaku Oasis Park27built2016(1)
Beauty Mansion White30built2019(1)
Life Tobe29built2001(1)
Water Generation29built2008(1)
Sheng Yang Culture Plaza31built2000(1)
Water Era29built2013(1)
Cosmic Light31built2000(1)
Guo Ding28built2009(1)
Double Star28built1997(1)
Surpass F124built2009(1)
Sky Mansion29built2010(1)
Diamonds Tower27built1994(1)
Celebrity Garden25built2015(1)
RiverVenice West28built2006(1)
RiverVenice East28built2006(1)
HongjinW One26built2018(1)
New World25built2011(1)
Shu Han Yuan24built2017(1)
Sky Garden29built2014(1)
Sunshine Sky Masion27built1994(1)
Lihpao Headquarters20built2023(1)
The Masterpiece28built2001(1)
Love River28built2004(1)
Extremely Europe23built2000(1)
ZhanYue Art Museum23built2013(1)
Area 16th Paris28built2007(1)
Konglinlin Spring27built2006(1)
See The Future22built2007(1)
Morden Garden26built2020(1)
East River28built1997(1)
Jia Chang Metropolitan27built1996(1)
Skyscraper 3131built1998(1)
Spring and Autumn25built1996(1)
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