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Wonder World 52032under construction
The Sunpower Plaza27built2015(1)
Royal Landmark29built2016(1)
Master One25built2011(1)
The Monarch Castle26built2012(1)
Green Tower29built2015(1)
6+ Plaza20built2017(1)
Bilingual Life B29built2018(1)
Bilingual Life A29built2018(1)
Summit of Luxury29built2020(1)
Skyscape Palace26built2015(1)
Sky Landmark27built2017(1)
Daguan Ziruo26built2015(1)
Mansion Skyscape25built2013(1)
River Tower25built2014(1)
Luxurious City Life23built2014(1)
Dream House C27built2016(1)
Dream House B & D27built2016(1)
Dream House A27built2016(1)
Fu Yi Twin Star23built2010(1)
Royal Residence24built2014(1)
Window of the World24built2012(1)
Ru-shan 223built2017(1)
Ru-shan 324built2018(1)
Chuanmu Skyline24built2020(1)
Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel22built2009(1)
Winbond Zhubei Building19built2019(1)
The River24built2013(1)
Ming Ri Zhou25built2012(1)
Daguan Wuji22built2009(1)
The Chateau24built2013(1)
Farglory Boyue23built2019(1)
The Treasure of Radiance24built2014(1)
Castle on Cloud23built2016(1)
The Giant23built2016(1)
Upper Class Private Residences22built2013(1)
Style Gardens24built2014(1)
Grand Luxury22built2015(1)
Hyde Park23built2014(1)
Up Town A24built2016(1)
Reach the Peak Perfection C24built2012(1)
Reach the Peak Perfection A & B24built2012(1)
University Young24built2014(1)
Full House22built2018(1)
Formosa Construction22built2010(1)
Luxurious Riverside Lifestyle21built2016(1)
Kuensun Heqian22built2013(1)
My Style24built2020(1)
Twin Park21built2016(1)
The World The Hope24built2019(1)
Light Cube22built2013(1)
Energy Architecture22built2016(1)
Hui Yo Architecture Art of Life22built2015(1)
Hsinyeh Zhuzhixidao24built2021(1)
JB New Century19built2010(1)
W Park20built2013(1)
The Peaceful Concerto20built2021(1)
Je Shui Pavilion20built2013(1)
Feng Yi23built2007(1)
Global Mansion23built2014(1)
Sky City Tree21built2018(1)
HuiYu Shang Cheng21built2013(1)
Golden Age19built2011(1)
Sky 121built2016(1)
Da Yi Chun Qiu21built2005(1)
Times Twin Star19built2012(1)
A Plentiful Land of City19built2015(1)
Thousands of Glass21built2004(1)
Dylan iLand20built2015(1)
Fong-Yi Q Square & International Business ...16built2008(1)
Harmonious Life19built2019(1)
Change My World22built2018(1)
Delightful Quiet Scenery19built2017(1)
Regal Supreme19built2013(1)
Wen Ding Da Yuan19built2013(1)
Moral Architecture19built2015(1)
3 Top Jia Tian Xia19built2012(1)
Hui Yo Waldorf18built2011(1)
River 119built2020(1)
Hui Yo Vision Office Building18built2009(1)
Da Yo Ke Wei21built2004(1)
Yu Tian Di19built2012(1)
Shi Yong Ba Fang19built2011(1)
Moonlight Glass20built2006(1)
Luxury Vision18built2021(1)
Dun Ho16built2013(1)
New Orient17built2012(1)
Path to Success19built2014(1)
Collect Cheerful Living19built2011(1)
Aurora Glass19built2008(1)
Lantingji Xu17built2012(1)
Apple Garden19built1995(1)
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