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I.CWC Tower30built2016(1)
Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu24built2000(2)
Back to the Basic26built2014(1)
The Oriental Pearl Skyscraper27built2016(1)
Sky Vacation28built2015(1)
Ur Your Dream27built2015(1)
Masterpiece Residence29built2019(1)
World Landmark28built2016(1)
East Gate City28built2019(1)
The Lake25built2012(1)
Northgrand Moxa Joy28built2007(1)
Fuyu Six Arts II23built2013(1)
Fuyu Six Arts I23built2013(1)
Mandarin Oriental Hsinchu28built2016(1)
Creating Eternity24built2015(1)
Fong-Yi 1 Di C26built2013(1)
Fong-Yi 1 Di A&B26built2013(1)
Dragon Palace23built2018(1)
Shingzhu The Landmark B,C27built2018(1)
Shingzhu The Landmark A27built2018(1)
De'an Jiakang26built2008(1)
Mansion of the Glory 125built2012(1)
Fuyu Junding24built2012(1)
Mansion of the Glory 225built2012(1)
Dun Huang29built2008(1)
Yangsheng Life Center24built1998(1)
The World Islands23built2015(1)
Huiyu Qianpin24built2017(1)
Tokyo Midtown23built2014(1)
Fuyu Jiuru23built2012(1)
Shili Jing'an B-F25built2012(1)
Shili Jing'an A25built2012(1)
Hotel Royal Hsinchu22built1999(1)
Fuyu Cloud23built2013(1)
Fong-Yi 1 Pole24built2012(1)
Zhuke Yueyang Zone 224built2021(1)
Zhuke Yueyang Zone 124built2021(1)
Wuling Residence B23built2022(1)
Empire Trade Tower23built1993(1)
Beautiful Starship24built2014(1)
Chingjia Q-est22built2015(1)
New Tokyo21built2018(1)
Ta Pu24built2008(1)
Chingjia Q122built2013(1)
Hong Yun19built2012(1)
Just Downtown21built2020(1)
Modest High Peak21built2012(1)
Next Generation23built2016(1)
Cathay He Apartment A22built2020(1)
Cloud Palace21built2015(1)
Wuling Residence A21built2022(1)
Cathay He Apartment B22built2020(1)
The Crystal House20built2013(1)
Hsinchu One21built2010(1)
Dun Feng20built2011(1)
Meizhu Villa21built1996(1)
Empire Ambience22built1994(1)
Holland Village C 38-5022built1998(1)
Holland Village C 1-522built1998(1)
Holland Village B 1-522built1998(1)
Holland Village A 1-522built2000(1)
Riant Plaza16built2010(1)
Hong Pan19built2009(1)
Fong-Yi Relativism B20built2011(1)
Blue Ocean CoI18built2008(1)
Holland Village C 6-2121built1998(1)
Holland Village C 22-3721built1998(1)
Holland Village A 6-2121built2000(1)
Holland Village A 22-3721built2000(1)
Holland Village B 6-1421built1998(1)
Holland Village B 24-3521built1998(1)
Holland Village B 15-2321built1998(1)
The Hybrid House18built2013(1)
Da Qi17built2007(1)
Shang Pin Yuan18built2013(1)
Yunmen Tower20built1996(1)
Technology Finance Tower17built2000(1)
Clear Sky17built2014(1)
Eiffel Apartment20built1995(1)
Harvard Family18built1996(1)
TFC One14built2017(1)
Hefeng Apartment18built1997(1)
Jiamei Shenghuojia17built1997(1)
Hongru Tianxia19built1994(1)
Hsinchu Mackay Memorial Hospital14built2009(1)
Cathay Commerce Building16built1992(1)
Hsinchu Cathay General Hospital13built2002(1)
NCTU Condominium19built1998(1)
HC3C Bank Office Building13built1995(1)
Fong-Yi Relativism A15built2011(1)
Gentle House14built2018(1)
Fuyu Wenhui12built2019(1)