Johannesburg was founded because off the large amount of gold in the area.

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Carlton Centre Office Tower50built1973(6)
Ponte City Apartments54built1976(2)
Marble Towers32built1973(3)
Kwa Dukuza Egoli Hotel Tower 140built1985(3)
Trust Bank Building31built1970(4)
Standard Bank Centre34built1968(3)
Southern Life Centre30built1973(2)
ABSA Building31built1976(2)
Braamfontein Gate29built1976(2)
Kine Centre27built1974(1)
Carlton Centre Hotel30built1973(1)
Sixty-Nine President28built1975(2)
Hekro Towers30built1985(1)
Schlesinger Building21built1965(1)
120 End Street25built
Highpoint Hillbrow25built1972(1)
25 Owl Street24built1976(1)
Mariston Hotel30built
Darragh House27built
Courtieston House25built1974(1)
IBM Building22built1976(1)
Elizabeth House23proposed
Arcade Building22built
University Corner Building22built
Albert Luthuli House22built1967
Ten Sixty-Six21built1989
Mutual & Federal Centre21built1990(1)
Ansteys Tower20built1937
11 Diagonal Street20built1984(2)
JCI Building19built1989
Chamber of Mines Building18built1936(1)
Penmor Tower20built1974(1)
Anglo American Platinum Building18built1994
His Majestys Building18built1944
Parktonian Hotel23built1984
Noswal Hall23built(1)
CCMA House20built
112 Main Street19built(1)
Department of Agriculture Building20built
Majestic Towers22built1979
Orion House20built1977
The Franklin20built1990
Orion Centre20built
Anchor Towers20built1977
Rand Inn International Hotel21built
Preston Place21built1969
Schreiner Chambers18built(1)
Umjantshi House16built1965
Johannesburg Roads Agency Building15built1979(1)
Hallmark Tower16built
Eskom Centre18built1955
Queen's Garden Hotel20built
Auto & General Building13built1989
RAU Students Residence 116built1975
Kruinsig Ladies' Residence16built1975
The Tyrwhitt15built
Standard Bank Centre12built2012
Astor Mansions10built1932
Marble Arch14built1951
Medical City Offices12built
FNB Place11built2011
ABSA Towers West11built2011
Reith Hall, Highfield Residences12built
Medhurst Hall, Highfield Residences12built
Lancet Hall12built
Jubilee Hall12built
Girton Hall, Highfield Residences12built
Constantine Apartments12built
Da Gama Court12built1948
Annper Heights12built1960
268 Jeppe Street12built
Splendid Place25built
Sanso Kine Centre25built1974
Department of Housing24built
The Sentinal22built
Logistics House22built
Sable Centre20built
O'Reilly & Tudhope St20built
Eastway Towers20built
Anchor Tower19built
Devonshire House17built
Rennie House14built
Conlyn House14built