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Confederation Building11built1960(1)
John Cabot Building13built1992(2)
Fortis Place12built2014(1)
Cabot Place I12built1987(1)
Fortis Building12built1969(2)
351 Water Street11built2013(1)
Delta St. John's Hotel13built1987(1)
Scotia Centre11built1986(2)
Southcott Hall15built1964(1)
Toronto Dominion Place10built1981(3)
Atlantic Place9built1975(2)
The Rooms5built2004(1)
St. John's Courthouse4built1901(1)
Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland9built1982(1)
Sir Humphrey Gilbert Building7built1959(1)
Baine Johnson Centre8built1988(1)
Hilton Garden Inn12built2019(2)
Natural Resources Building8built1970(1)
West Block Confederation Building7built1983(1)
Fort William Building6built1980(1)
Quality Hotel Harbourview5built(1)
Tiffany Villlage Building A9built2009(1)
345-347 Duckworth Street8built1948(3)
Elizabeth Towers8built1968(1)
Hydro Place7built1989(1)
Cathedral of St. John The Baptistbuilt1858(1)
Grace Nurses Residence8built(1)
The Tiffany Condominiums7built1983(1)
Regency Towers7built(1)
Beothuk Building5built(1)
St. Patrick's Hall4built1880(1)
Brentwood Condominiums6built
Colonial Building3built1850(1)
King George V Building4built1912(1)
Government House2built1831(1)