Caracas is the capital and largest city of Venezuala. The city is located in the narrow Caracas Valley, seperated from the Caribbean Sea by the Cordillera de la Costa.

As of March 2000, Carcas consists of five seperate municipalities that became boroughs governed as a single municipality: El Distrito Metropolitano de Caracas (The Metropolitan District of Caracas). The five boroughs of the city include the Distrito Capital, Chacao, Baruta, Sucre, and El Hatillo.

Official Municipal Website: http://www.alcaldiamayor.gov.ve/

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Parque Central Torre Este56built1983(12)
Parque Central Torre Oeste56built1979(11)
Centro Financiero Confinanzas45on hold(5)
Centro Financiero Provincial40built1984(5)
Edificio Mercantil40built1984(6)
Centro Financiero Latino32built1978(2)
Parque Central Edificio San Martin44built1972(4)
Parque Central Edificio El Tejar44built1972(5)
Parque Central Edificio Caroata44built1972(5)
Hotel Venetur Residencias Anauco Suites44built1972
Edificio Tajamar44built1972(4)
Edificio Tacagua44built1972(4)
Edificio Mohedano44built1972(4)
Edificio Catuche44built1972(5)
Gran Melia Caracas27built1998(1)
Altamira Four Seasons Hotel32built1998(2)
La Previsora32built1972(2)
Banco Central de Venezuela26built1967(2)
Torre Humboldt26built1998(3)
Torre San Bernardino28built2007(1)
Torre Capriles28built1995(1)
Banco de Venezuela Torre 227built1980(2)
Renaissance La Castellana 230built2010
Renaissance La Castellana 130built2010
Simon Bolivar Center 225built1954(2)
Simon Bolivar Center 125built1954(2)
Torre Movilnet28built1999(4)
Edificio Citibank28built1999(3)
Torre Polar 226built1995(3)
Torre Balgres25built1999
Torre Phelps30built1968(3)
Torre Banco Plaza24built2002(3)
Edificio Jose Maria Vargas27built
Torre Digitel25built2010
Torre Banco Unión22built1976(3)
Centro Empresarial Sabana Grande24built(2)
Residencias Yutaje IV31built1985(1)
Residencias Yutaje III31built1985(2)
Residencias Yutaje II31built1985(2)
Residencias Yutaje I31built1985(2)
Hotel Alba Caracas26built1984(3)
Torre Domus22built1994(3)
Centro Letonia17built1997(1)
Torre Metrolimpo18built2006(1)
Residencias Pórtico del Este28built2002(2)
Torre Banco Lara22built(2)
JW Marriott Hotel19built(3)
Torre CorpBanca23built1982(4)
Country Club Del Bosque26built1996
Torre Eurocentro23built1998(1)
Centro Macaracuay Plaza Torre Sur22built1998
Centro Macaracuay Plaza Torre Norte22built1998
Conjunto Residencial Bello Monte Oeste29built1985(2)
Conjunto Residencial Bello Monte Este29built1985(2)
Terrazas Del Paraiso28built1988(2)
Residencias Centro Parque Caracas28built1992(2)
Centro Solano 325built1998(2)
Centro Solano 225built1998(2)
Centro Solano 125built1998(2)
Hotel Castellana Suites22built1995(1)
Centro Empresarial La Castellana22built2006(1)
Torre Credicard22built1998(3)
Torre Polar 119built1951(3)
Torre Centro Parque Boyaca25built1986(1)
Torre Pequiven22built1994(1)
Altamira Suites Hotel20built(1)
Parque La Superior24built2010
Centro Parque Canaima20built(2)
Edificio Andres Bello26built1969(1)
Lord Center27built2009
Torres Edicampo20built1994(2)
Torre Provincial B20built2002(1)
Edificio Diario El Universal20built1969
Torre La Castellana14built(1)
Parque Residencial del Este Torre B25built
Parque Residencial del Este Torre A25built
Centro Plaza II19built1989(1)
Centro Plaza I19built1987(1)
Hotel Chacao Suites21built2010
Residencias San Juan Torre C28built(2)
Residencias San Juan Torre B28built(2)
Residencias San Juan Torre A28built(2)
Torre Banco de Venezuela19built1990(1)
Recreo La Castellana19on hold
Torre Banhorient20built1998(1)
Torre Multinacional de Seguros18built2005(1)
Los Arboles II26built
Los Arboles I26built
Parque Cristal20built1977(3)
Altos de Oro22built2008
Torre Britanica21built1979(2)
Centro Altamira21built1970(2)
Centro Andres Bello20built1969
Hotel Pestana & Vistalparque 219built2007
Hotel Pestana & Vistalparque 119built2007
Torre Financiera18built1984(1)
Embassy Suites Hotel18built1998(1)
Caracas Cumberland Hotel18built1993(1)
Hotel Centro Lido15built2000(1)
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