Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina, and one of the largest cities in the world.
It is one of the most prosperous cities in South America, and it abounds with parks, wide boulevards, and historic architecture.
The city has 202 square kilometers (78.3 square miles).

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Alvear Tower Puerto Madero54built2018(2)
Harbour Tower53under construction(1)
Torre Renoir 250built2015(5)
Le Parc Figueroa Alcorta - Torre Cavia47built2010(5)
Mulieris Torre Sur44built2009(3)
Mulieris Torre Norte44built2009(3)
El Faro II46built2005(1)
El Faro I46built2003(1)
Torre YPF36built2008(6)
Le Parc Residential Tower50built1994(8)
Chateau Puerto Madero Residence50built2010(3)
Torre BBVA33built2016(3)
Torre Galicia Central33built2007(4)
Torre del Rio43built2005(4)
Torre del Parque43built2006(4)
Torre del Boulevard43built2007(4)
Torre Bella Palermo47under construction(1)
Edificio Alas42built1955(4)
Torres del Yacht II44built2010(3)
Torres del Yacht I44built2010(3)
The Ritz-Carlton Puerto Madero39proposed(1)
Madero Office27built2010(5)
Torre BankBoston35built2001(7)
Complejo Bellini Plaza San Martín 245built2015(2)
Torre Renoir 141built2008(4)
Libertador 444445built1994(3)
955 Belgrano Office30built2014(2)
Chateau Libertador40built2009(3)
Torre Marco28built2017(2)
Alvear Icon Hotel & Residences32built2014(2)
Torre Mirabilia II45built2008(1)
Torre Mirabilia I45built2008(1)
Torre Alem Plaza32built1996(6)
Centennial Tower 137built2004(1)
Alto Palermo Plaza II35built1997(1)
Alto Palermo Plaza I35built1995(1)
Torre Irsa32under construction(1)
Quartier Boulevard38built2008(2)
Torre Odeon32built2020(3)
Le Parc Figueroa Alcorta - Torre Alcorta29built2009(5)
L'Avenue Libertador34under construction(1)
San Martin 34429built2001(2)
Torre Carlos Pellegrini31built1974(3)
Edificio Kavanagh30built1936(4)
Libertador 38035built1985(2)
Torre Ruggieri37built2000(3)
Torre Bulnes37built2000(3)
Inter-Continental Plaza26built1996(2)
Torre Bellini37built2007(1)
Libertador25under construction(1)
SLS Lux Puerto Madero Torre 230under construction(1)
SLS Lux Puerto Madero Torre 130under construction(1)
Quartier Demaria Sur30built1996(1)
Quartier Demaria Norte30built1996(1)
Torre Catalinas Plaza29built1995(4)
Edificio Chacofi29built1980(2)
Torre Riverview II34built2003(1)
Torre Riverview I34built2003(1)
Dosplaza II33built(1)
Dosplaza I33built2011(1)
Promenade Palermo35built2007(1)
Weik Belgrano34under construction(1)
Torres de Montaneses - Torre Central36built2010(1)
Plaza San Marco36built1997(1)
Vista Buenos Aires35built2016(1)
Link Towers Eva33under construction(1)
Link Towers Adan33under construction(1)
Torre Bouchard30built1996(3)
Catalinas Norte30built1975(6)
Plaza Bucale35built1997(1)
O' Higgins 182635built(1)
Torre Prourban29built1983(3)
Torre Vuelta de Dorrego27built2000(2)
3 de Febrero 190130built(1)
Beruti 464229built2013(2)
Torre La Prensa29built2010(1)
Torre Union33built2005(1)
Torre Forum35built1985(1)
Quartier de Oro33built1999(1)
Astor Núñez30built2016(1)
Torre HSBC29built1987(1)
Torre Intecons25built2010(1)
Caballito Nuevo II34built2011(1)
Caballito Nuevo I34built2010(1)
Palermo Uno33built2009(1)
Torre Dorrego32built1972(1)
Palermo View - Torre Santa Fe30built2009(1)
Torre Brunetta33built1965(1)
Edificio Sudamérica33built1964(3)
Torres de Gelly - Edificio Salguero30built2007(4)
Gelly 3630-369033built2002(1)
R. Scalabrini Ortiz 328232built1979(1)
R. Scalabrini Ortiz 322632built1979(1)
Paraguay 230231built(1)
Las Heras 374131built(1)
Galería Jardín - Torre Florida28built1978(1)
Palacio Barolo23built1923(1)
11 de Septiembre 191832built1993(1)
Galería Jardín - Torre Tucumán31built1984(1)
Juan Francisco Segui 460230built(1)
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