Lansing is a major manufacturing center, and a government, and education center, and the capital city of Michigan. It was headquarters to the now defunct Oldsmobile Corporation, a prominent automobile company.

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Boji Tower23built1931(4)
Comerica Bank Building15built1931(1)
Grand Tower16built1991(1)
Anderson House Building14built1999(1)
Dennis A. Swan Family Tower10built2008(1)
Cooley Center11built1968(1)
Accident Fund Company National Headquarters9built1940(2)
Capitol Tower12built2000(1)
Blue Cross Blue Shield Building10built1987(1)
Romney Building14built1926(1)
SBC Annex7built1968
REO Town Cogeneration Plant4built2013
Lansing City Hall11built1958(2)
The Louie11built1960(1)
New McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital9built2022
Connie B. Binsfeld Office Building9built2005(2)
Lansing Tower Apartments15built1968(2)
One Michigan Avenue11built1983(1)
Washington Square Building12built1922(1)
Michigan Hall of Justice7built2002(2)
Radisson Hotel Lansing11built1985(1)
Stevens T. Mason Building10built1952
Victor Office Center9built1989(1)
Capitol Hall10built1916(2)
G. Mennen Williams Building8built1967
Townsend Street Parking Garage8built2005
Louis B. Ebaugh Building7built1971
Capitol Commons Center7built1988
Cooley Temple Building7built1924
Constitution Hall6built2001
SkyVue Apartments9built2017
101 South Washington Square9built1918(2)
Lewis Cass Building6built1921
Fountain Place Apartments9built1963
Capitol Commons Apartments10built1978
Davenport University - Lansing Campus9built1922
Riverfront Towers10built1980
Ferris Park Tower9built1966
Sparrow Professional Building8built1997
Sparrow Hospital8built1942
Michigan State Capitol Building4built1878(3)