La Plata

La Plata is the capital of Buenos Aires province. It is located on the "pampa húmeda" (wet pampas) 56 kilometers southeast of the city of Buenos Aires.

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Building X21built2004(2)
Avenida 7 106524built(1)
Calle 6 93822built(1)
Argoth Hotel & Business16under construction
Centro Administrativo Gubernamental - Torr...18built1987(1)
Centro Administrativo Gubernamental - Torr...18built1987(1)
Diagonal 78 30425built
Calle 48 61022built
Avenida 53 36622built(1)
Calle 10 85723built
Building XXII19built2004(1)
Calle 48 54322built
Cámara Argentina de la Construcción18built1978(1)
Building XXV19built2004(1)
Edificio El Comercio13built1938(1)
Building VI17built2003(1)
Calle 47 30516built
Building XX17built2004(1)
Avenida 44 30617built1988
Departamento Calle 213built2014(1)
Avenida 1 71314built1979
Calle 43 33213built1976
Teatro Argentino de La Plata6built1999(1)
Calle 49 34112built1982
Avenida 1 84512built1963
Calle 46 32612built1983
Avenida 1 157412built2014(1)
Calle 48 32211built2014
Fiscalía de Estado8built1937(1)
Credil XIX10built2006
Terrazas de Plaza Paso11built2006(1)
Building Gold11built2006(1)
Building Glass11built2011(1)
Calle 48 33711built2008
Moragues 5010built2011(1)
Calle 48 3309built1998
Tower XXXIII10built2005(1)
Tower Space10built2006
Tower del Bosque10built2005(1)