Known throughout Japan as the City of Trees, Sendai is a picturesque city located in the Tohoku region of Japan. It was founded in 1600 by the powerful daimyo Date Masamune and quickly became the largest and most influencial city in the region, which it remains today.

It became a city designated by government ordinance in 1989.

Ward List: Aoba-ku, Izumi-ku, Taihaku-ku, Miyagino-ku, Wakabayashi-ku

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Listing 1 to 67 of 67 buildings
Sendai Trust Tower37built2010(1)
NTT Docomo Tohoku Building21built2004(1)
Sendai Energy Square28built2002(3)
Lions Tower Sendai Nagamachi31built1999(1)
Park Tower Dainohara31built1995(1)
Lions Tower Sendai Hirose32built2003(1)
Dia City 2000 Moniwa Atlas Tower33built1993(1)
Apple Towers Sendai Broadia Tower30built2008(1)
Kakyoin Square23built1999(1)
Lions Tower Kotodaidori29built2009
City Tower Sendai Ichibancho Residence30built2015
The Lions Jozenji Tower29built2012
The Residence Ichibancho29built2010
Sendai First Tower23built2007(1)
Mid Place Sendai Tower & Residence31built2009
City Tower Sendai Kakyoin29built2010
City Tower Sendai Itsutsubashi28built2008(1)
Sendai Mark One19built2008
Tokyo Tatemono Sendai Building20built2009
Park Tower Asuto Nagamachi28built2019
City Tower Kotodai26built2008
Sendai Daiichi Seimei Tower Building21built1985
Miyagi Prefectural Government Building18built1989
Azur Mitsui Seimei Sendai Honcho Building20built1995
Twin Tower Hirosegawa Shumpo North Tower23built1995
Hotel Metropolitan Sendai21built1988
City Tower Nagamachi Shintoshin28built2017
Sendai MT Building18built1999
Lions Tower Sendai Otemachi26built2006
City Tower Sendai24built1991
Park House Sendai Itsutsubashi Tower23built2008
Azeria Hills19built2009
Sendai Honmachi Mitsui Building18built2009
City Tower Asuto Residential24built2019
Tohoku University Hospital18built2000
Twin Tower Hirosegawa Shumpo South Tower21built1995
Proud Tower Sendai Bansuidori Central24built2022
Grand Maison Kotodaidori24built2019
Sendai Government Office B17built2015
The Aobadori Residence24built2015
Lions Tower Sendai Aoba22built2006
The Gardens Kotodaidori Tower Residence23built2017
Tohoku Computer College15built1989
Tohoku Gakuin College Itsutsubashi Campus16built2022
Cielia Tower Sendai Aobadori23built2021
Green Garden La Ra Resort Hotel17built1975
Le Cinq Tower Sendai Kotodai Koen23built2019
Hotel Monterey Sendai18built2004
Onward Kashiyama Sendai Building14built2006
Sendai Capital Tower18built1974
Ioi Insurance New Sendai Building14built2008
APA Villa Hotel Sendai Eki Itsutsubashi20built2007
Sendai Miyagino Building16built2020
Runaru Sendai14built1998
The 77 Bank Headquarters14built1977
Yomiuri Sendai Ichibancho Building15built1979
Proud Tower Sendai Kotodaidori20built2020
Sendai 2nd Government Building15built1970
Dia Palace Across Tower21built1992
Aoba-dori Plaza Building14built1996
Yurtec Headquarters14built1991
City House Sendai Tsutsujigaoka Twin Tower...19built2006
Lions Tower Tsutsujigaoka19built2001
Hotel JAL City Sendai14built1996
Sendai Mediatheque7built2000(1)